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  1. YES! Good work @Dallenbach The Frenchpack is indeed what was causing the issue. Thanks for figuring it out! You are today's Star of the Show
  2. Unfortunately deleting the options.lua did not work on my end. Even more unfortunately my lunch break is over so I must return to languishing away at work. Will get back to tinkering this evening
  3. I'm seeing the same - although I don't get a black screen. Just the splash page for a minute or 2, then it disappears & there's no sign of it in the task manager. In process of doing slow repair now
  4. WOW! What a revelation! I had no idea that was a factor in the user files sequence. You're probably thinking I'm just another FNG, here. Quite the contrary. I've been watching all of you for a very very long time. I'm a big fan! Especially Zukhov - he's my favorite cynic. But I digress, I wonder how many gratuitous downloads I've performed assuming it's an update
  5. Another tip - make sure you aren't flying with full fuel tanks. Adjust your fuel to accommodate the additional weight of the troops.
  6. I'm with Shimmergloom. Keep it up! Life is more enjoyable when you have things to look forward to!
  7. Imagine Wags & the gang all sitting around a conference table in power suits, fiercely debating which segment of their customer base they want to screw over. Forums are hilarious
  8. Do you have any mods installed on your OB that aren't installed on stable? I've had curious issues like the one you describe in which the presence of a particular mod make ground units or naval units disappear. They'll show up in the ME but not in-game. Just a thought
  9. In my humble opinion a single DCS map is more enjoyable than any of the games you mentioned. I realize it may sound insane, but I'd pay MORE.
  10. Where are your liveries installed? Cuz I've been somewhat confused as to where they go myself. If your liveries folder is in users/you/saved games/DCS (OB): Go to the main DCS folder bazar/liveries. There you will find all the correct folder names for most aircraft. You may also have to go to Coremods/Aircraft/ then use those folder names If the folder names in bazar/liveries aren't correct that's a problem I don't know how to fix
  11. Do you have a static template - or mission template - of the base populated like in the video? If so, I'm certain it would be well received by your pals here in the community. I'd download it in a heartbeat. Great vid
  12. Wholeheartedly Agree! The tedium of building static templates takes away from valuable flight time. And while I enjoy getting sucked into my beloved mission editor, including them along with new maps would be so cool. Historically based force dispositions, battles & such would be the cherry on top. They could also be released along w/asset packs too. Not just a map. I love wishin. . . Long Time Reader/First Forum Poster
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