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  1. OK guys, took me some time and patience, but I succeeded. Seems that you have to push F4, approach the cockpit from the front and adjust the view with LCTRL + LSHIFT + NUM4 (or NUM6, or NUM8 or NUM2). TrackIR helps out a bit too. So, thanx again for your help.
  2. Gents, thanx a lot for your replies. I'm going to try to use your suggestions. @ Silverdevil : you're absolutely right about the scarf ! The mousewheel works, but is very rough in the changes, perhaps I should adapt the variations (make them smaller?) To be continued.
  3. Dear Viperfriends, Can anyone please explain how to setup this camera-position?
  4. Fellow Viperdrivers, Check out our latest video on Youtube and you're most welcome on our videochannel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCidn5NAvgxW-cGfpiYvK91Q
  5. Last night, we split up in two 2-ships. Jester and Whizzo did the navigation exercise, Medic and Twister took the time to intercept some SU-27's (just for practice) and afterwards found the time to do some fun stuff with burners and flares. Please, check out our first video-production (we have to learn a lot, but this looks promising, don't you think?)
  6. WFOX, I am afraid we will have to do more investigations, since in our squadron we all are using the exact same maps (NTTR, etc). Thanks again for your kind replies.
  7. Hi WFOX, thanks a lot for your input. We will try out your option to use the mission editor for sure, but our experience is that the track option (replay) works fine, also on long flights (3 hours tested). After the flight, we use the replay function for the debriefing and for editing the recorded track (of parts of it). Movies are looking great! However: in my directory ..../saved games/DCS I find the map tracks, and one of my fellow-pilots doesn't have that map. How come?
  8. Guys, one of our pilots is unable to locate the track files directory. Is it always .....saved games/DCS/tracks? What if this guy is missing this directory? Thx for your advise.
  9. "WEAPONS SAFE!" Intercepting another Dutch classic. Courtesy of the virtual 312 squadron.
  10. Purzel. Works fine now, many thanks.
  11. Hi Purzel. Thanks for your reply. I'm going to apply your suggestion now. To be continued.
  12. Hi guys. Perhaps this question already has been asked in another topic, but I can't find it right now. So, here it is: To record some fragments during our flights I am using Windows Moviemaker. To start this software the keyboard combination LWIN + ALT +G is used. To start and stop the recording the combination LWIN + ALT +R is used. You will understand that you are quite busy during the flight and you are unable to put your fingers on the keyboard, right? That's where the hotas Warthog is for! Question: Is there a knob on the Thrus
  13. Beautiful shots guys, way to go! These are from the virtual 312 squadron from the Netherlands, enjoy!
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