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  1. The radar rotates 180 degrees and then resets in a buggy way to the original position. radar bug (3)_.mp4
  2. "no2, I don't think that behaviour is necessarily a bug. It sounds more like something that would happen from track ambiguities, and it clears up over the course of the frame time." you can see from the trak that it is clearly not the case
  3. There is actually 3 clear bugs in this short clip. 1st bug: The TWS radar scan is not following the TDC as it should. It is behaving as in BIAS mode. 2nd bug: The target is still getting impossible mach numbers assinged to it. Such as mach 100+. 3rd bug: The target, while visible to the hornet radar, dissapears after a few seconds. It can be seen from the scope, that the radar is "about to lose" the target many times and after a few scans, it is lost. This is incredibly frustrating on MP. (Bonus bug) There seems to be a "brick" type track under the
  4. It forks fine up to 40 nm. Then it becomes "unusable". You do not need a crystal clear image of the target, only the shapes of them. Pro tip: change the contrast and brightness using the knobs on the MFD the have a clearer image.
  5. Oh and I forgot to mention that the B-sweep freezing bug is still there (0:10). Also a really annoying bug.
  6. Yup, have had the same issues as you. It fixes it self after takeoff so it is only really a cosmetic issue. (wild guess here) I think it has something to do with the revised carrier deck code to stop people slipping off it.
  7. In this clip I fire a total of 4 AMRAAMS with a TWS lock at an F-16 with my F-18. Only the 4th one manages to start guidnace to the target. Before the start of the clip I had already fired one AMRAAM from long range (~50 nm) and it went up high without lofting even tough I had a TWS lock. This can be seen at the start of the clip as an active AMRAAM on the right MFD. The 2 other missiles go stupid in the same way. I want to say this again but this happens only SOMETIMES but when it happens it is infuriating. Video is from today. I do not have the track files but I can download the whole s
  8. Gliding in the Hornet is near impossible due to the flaps extending to 100% uncommanded when hydraulic power is lost. I'm not certain of why this happens, but I think it is not a design feature of a combat aircraft to drop like a rock when hydraulic/engine power is lost, especially if you can still steer the aircraft with secondary control laws just fine. I hope someone would investigate this and see if this is a bug or a really bad design problem. Hornet Flaps at 0 fuel.trk
  9. If you pull the emergency brake handle nothing happens. Correct if Im wrong, but It should always work when it is pulled?
  10. Also note that this bug only works if the battery is on. Otherwise the elevator is stuck.
  11. Solidworks I have solidworks and the FLOW CFD. My question is, how can you import .EDM files to solidworks? I can't figure it out.:helpsmilie:
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