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  1. What did you buy that replaced this, just curious. I own a Reverb G2 and have been wondering if the Pimax would be better with the larger FOV?
  2. I would also like to know how many transducers are in the V1, 6 or 8? I'm I'm the US, were are you located as I may be interested?
  3. Hello K-51!!! Please add me to your list sir, location is US.
  4. Like new, comes in original packaging, perfect condition. I accept Paypal and shipping will be prompt. $100.
  5. Edited price) Like new Track ir 5 with track clip Pro. Comes in original package. I accept Paypal and am located in Alabama (US). Shipping will be prompt. Asking $120.
  6. They were in stock day before yesterday and theyll be back in stock in a few days. (like the 14th i think) Wait and get yourself a brand new pair instead of dealing with people like this.
  7. Sorry guy! I had them listed in my other ad along with a bunch of other gear and I sold all the other gear. So in order to avoid any confusion and someone thinking that everything in that post was sold, I decided to make another post! I tried to delete all my previous posts but unfortunately it does not give me that option!
  8. SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!Ordered on 04-16-20. Have receipt showing order date! They are the graphite colored pedals. Just don't want to deal with return international shipping and customs! They are new and come with an extra cam and wall spacers! Names Mike you can call or text me and ill send you pics if wanted 251-377-7664, thanks! I may even split the cost of shipping with you!
  9. Crosswinds V2 Rudder Pedals from Milan Flight Gear, brand new see receipt below (04/16/20) nothing wrong with them at all just trying to get my money back without having to deal with international shipping, they were 334 shipped and im asking $300. Ive decided to go back to sim racing (guess I miss it a little too much lol) Also New, VKB Gunfighter MKIII with a Modern Combat Grip Pro. Has the desktop baseplate so its good to go right out of the box! I just got this on the 14th of this month (04/14/20 see receipt below). Ive decided to go back to sim racing for now. Im still well within the ret
  10. SOLD!!! Bought and never used, liked my X56 better and bought them both at the same time, have had less than a month and just sits on the shelf! Figured someone else could get some use out of it. Works great and will come in original packaging and box! Text me and ill send you some pictures of it 251-377-7664. Asking $65!
  11. Anyway anyone would sell me some detents for my Virpil T50CM throttle? I don't have the ability to print anything and would really like a set!
  12. NO LONGER NEEDED!!! Anyone know were to buy 3d printed mod detents for virpil t50cm throttle?
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