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  1. I could not get to your web site. It's telling me that it is expired...
  2. Thank you for all of your input! I wish I knew someone that had VR flying DCS that I could demo here in Arizona. Wish there was a way to try before buying. It sounds like a great experience especially while I'm upgrading my system right now. I'm currently attracted to the Alienware laptops vs. upgrading my motherboard, CPU, RAM, and video card in my currently system case. It's appealing to just buy a power gaming rig all complete and not mess with the upgrading. Buy the laptop gaming rig and put it on top of a laptop cooler with fans? I know it's better to have a desktop but the laptop
  3. I am in the process of upgrading my system or buying a new gaming rig and in that process I have been looking at a new monitor. I also have been researching VR with DCS and have read some reviews. So I'm on the fence about upgrading to a new Ultra Wide HD Monitor (34" curved) or going VR. Some say they will never go back to a monitor and others say stay with monitors and that VR has not evolved yet enough for them to make the move over to VR. Confusing.
  4. Can you go to to simple start and fly mode with the high fidelity flight modules the same way to can fly the low fidelity modules?
  5. This hobby is going to send me into the poor house. Is this a better setup than one 43" curved fast monitor?
  6. So if we want full high fidelity clickable cockpits buy the aircraft separately is what I'm reading...
  7. Sorry getting back into Flight Sims and I have all of the stupid questions. I have an old x52 (non pro). What benefit would I get in upgrading to the very expensive Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS setup at the whopping $450! Is it that much better?
  8. What should I buy to get the best experience with the F-18 and Persian Gulf?
  9. 3 monitors? Do you need 2 video cards in SLI? How do you run a 3 monitor setup? Is there anything you need to do in the game?
  10. Is there a specific thread on flight hardware reviews for HOTAS, audio, headsets, tracker, etc. products or do we do we just post here. Like what is the best audio setup for headsets vs. headphones and separate mic setups? Wireless over wired, etc. Or do we post these questions here?
  11. confusing. there is this super carrier you can buy but then carriers come with some of the aircraft (probably the F-18). Then there is the maps you can buy (Las Vegas, Normandy, etc.). what is the best F-18 package to get? Etc...
  12. I heard on youtube that there might be a difference in the aircraft that come with cliffs 3 vs the "high fidelity version of the aircraft". Is there difference in some of the versions of the aircraft - Low vs. High fidelity?
  13. Yep - I'm the old man original flight simmer that flew all of those games. Remember Hyperlobby? LOL. doing the same exact thing. Looking into a new rig and DCS and flight hardware. Looking for support here too
  14. I need a new monitor and either buying a new gaming PC, gaming laptop, or upgrading my old system. Either way I go, I need a new monitor. So the the question is Dual 27's, curved 34 or 43 gaming monitor? Or one monitor with a laptop gaming PC and using the display on the laptop? Are these curved monitors worth the extra money? Not concerned about cost right now. Looking at the Dell and Alienware monitors so far...
  15. What sparked my interest? All of the youtube videos out there. I plan on purchasing and learning the F14, F15, F16, F18, A10, Huey UH1, P51, and P47, maybe the Corsair F4. I do want to add that I would eventually like to join a squadron and do carrier landings and mid air refueling. I will be a novice - new trainee in DCS but not as a combat flight simmer. I started with Falcon 4, MSCFS 1, 2, and 3, IL2, etc. and I know how to fly but will probably need training on the different aircraft and missions etc. I also will be upgrading my rig and will have separate questions. I have a Track
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