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  1. Hi @Titanium55. I have to ask you a thing, especially since you're my age and probably not will send me packing with the advice: "Google it!" I'm using Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog together Thrustmaster 's rudder control, and I have been flying the F/A-18C Hornet like crazy since I bought it this Monday. Great fun! If it wasn't for the never ending disappointment that the configuration of the HOTAS (the rudder isn't hard to reset) and keyboard vanishes time after time. Despite the profiles (I have created different ones) still are safe in my "Saved Games" folder. Also - I'm not
  2. Okay. I got it. Nice... If I may say so, I wanted to hear about your opinion how VR works in DCS. This since I’m considering getting one. I didn’t ask for a URL to a section in the forums. These I can easily find by using the search box.
  3. ...and please, tell us about your experiences with VR. I really want one. Good luck with the A-10 (C/CII) lessons. Buckle up.
  4. Hej. 

    Jag tänkte att jag följer dig här i forumet. I synnerhet som du verkar att veta en del om Viggen 37.

    Jag köpte planet i går, eftersom det är en skönhet, men jag sitter fortfarande med att försöka begripa hur dess belysning fungerar. 

    Det verkar som om positionsljusen är permanent på. 
    Jag har kunnat koppla en del till min HOTAS WARTHOG men positionsljusen är ett mysterium för mig. Nåväl, det löser sig väl så småningom. 


    Med vänlig hälsning 

    Anders Magrioteli




    To those that doesn’t understand Swedish - Google what I wrote. 😉

  5. I second that. For all those that are celebrating Christmas, on December 25, according to the Julian calendar (which in the Gregorian comes to January 7) I say: С Рождеством. I also want to wish everyone a happy ending of 2020 and A Happy New Year. Regardless calendar. Stay safe folks! Greetings from a rainy and grey Stockholm. A Magrioteli
  6. Better late than never — thanks. I started to fly F16C today.
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