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  1. @BIGNEWYAvailable in game : in VR as well? Hi Chuck First and foremost I really want to thank you so much for all your guides, they are amazing!!! That has been the only way I start learning a new module!!! I found a (very small) mistake in the hornet guide.. On the HUD description page (32), you mark the bank angle tick marks as 0-5-10-30-45 degrees but it is rather 0-5-15-30-45 if I am not mistaken? Thanks again!! JEFX
  2. Thanks guys for all the informative answers! I will continue checking but I am very tempted...
  3. Hi all. Old timer in DCS here, but never in VR. I have a couple questions for you guys specialists of all things VR :-) 1) I am considering jumping in and perhaps buying the G2, is it the best choice? 2) Any drawbacks if I have to wear glasses? 3) I have quite a good processor (i9 9900) and a pretty good GPU (GTX 1080 FTW2 icx), is it going to work well? thanks!
  4. wow thanks guys, what a quick and informative bunch of answers!!! I havent changed my comp in 10 years (besides the Gr. Card) and now I just updated to an i9 9900K !
  5. Thanks Devrim, sounds logical. There are some files I know less that I wonder...
  6. Hi! Sorry I tried to find the answer with the search but didnt get the Full answer… I just installed DCS on a new computer (fresh install, everything good). I want to copy now my SAVED GAMES files from the old computer to the new in order to get my old key bindings etc… I know that the content of the config/input folder is where the peripherals (HOTAS) configurations are stored (and I am aware of the numbering/naming thing that one has to be careful with in order for Windows to recognize the right device). But!: I am not so sure about all the rest of the SAVED GAMES/DCSopenbeta fold
  7. Bignewy, you have great patience and diplomacy! As many people (with a positive attitude) said, DCS is evolving and sometimes it has some hiccups, but it is still a blast to play and there are plenty of great modules! And lets not forget that the core thing, DCS, IS free... I have been playing sims for 25 years now and I would never have thought that one day we could get where we are now!!!! And it gets better and better every year. Keep up the great work and thanks so much for keeping us informed all the time (despite the negativity...) JEFX
  8. I rarely take position in such kind of debate, since a new WWII map can please some where a new JDAM pleases others, but I have to agree that WEATHER in general (and for all genre, era, epoch or technology) is capital in a flight sim... I fly myself a modest Cessna and Weather is THE most important factor in aviation... At least we have better seasons than in the original LOMAC :-) But, sincerely, a really detailed weather system, clouds, mist, fog (the actual fog is ridiculous) clouds that dont make layered pancakes on the mountain sides, turbulence, updrafts, burble, windshear, etc
  9. oups, ok I get it, sorry, wrong forum
  10. Hey everyone, what is your impression of the Channel map? I personally find it very beautiful but my frame rates are pretty bad (much worse than Caucasus or PG)
  11. I can say that it was veeery long.. but it finished a few minutes ago (took 3 hours), I am loading the new terrain right now!
  12. yes this is the website that I use to test my connexion (and it is around 430 Mbps!)
  13. BIGNEWY, mys speed as requested : I live in Montreal Canada and I am downloading at 300 Kb/s ...I have (usually) a very fast connexion with the new protocol with 400 Mbps...:-( it is taking forever...
  14. More time at home means a lot of readjustments, but it also means more time to play DCS :smilewink: Recently I decided to go back to our beloved Hog... I had never played TEW… Started a few days ago. Another great campaign again from the great BD!! This morning I played TEW mission 4 and I had a blast!!! no real spoilers below... On the last assignment, Axeman, (and there are several!) it got pretty nasty… with the help of my wingman we did hit almost everything asked for by the JTAC (inputting coordinates, looking for smoke markers, S.A.-ing east-west passes…). Suddenly, my
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