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  1. thanks , yea In no way think im saying its bad mission design, its great and realistic, and that is why im playing it, just was thinking i need to get better to do it, and that is also a good thing, Making me / forcing me to get better
  2. Ok so first off great campaign so far im loving it. I can seem to find these little fast movers in the Tpod to save my life. I know they are there and im looking in night vision mode, flir, and all the stuff but its a small boat on a cold ocean, so I dunno, Im pretty sure I just need to get better at target acquisition but man, anyone else have trouble here:? any tips and tricks or pearls of wisdom?
  3. Yea I had turned off the simple radio to do the other campaign Enemy within 3.0 and forgot to turn it back on , Turns out when its off you cant hit \ to contact people. lol, but i got it all worked and now im on the next mission. Thanks again for the amazing experience, Its also teaching me things I needed to learn, I now know how to find awaks callouts , I now know how to turn on the f18 cold start, I know radio stuff, I know How to set a waypoint as a bullseye on the Radar/HSI
  4. No this is the one where you go and your wingman flip drops a smoke bomb then you both drop some bombs on it then you get a ton of awaks calls. I think i got it figured out but watching that video and they acted like the call outs were not to bulls threw me off I am having one issue though I get to the end and flip asks me if i heard the last radio call and i have to answer her, When this pops up i No longer can hit \ to pull up the comm menu. I had easy comms turned off from another mission i was doing so Im hope that was the issue
  5. First let me say amazing campaign so far the best ive played yet, So ive been doing this mission and not able to find the enemy. Ill get a call out for lets say Rock, 006 for 20 at angels 20, So Im new to all this stuff and I was under the assumption that when they call Rock or Bulls that you have to go from that location so 006 from rocks location (waypoint 2) But I watched a few vids of people doing this mission and they are finding the enemey by going 006 and just turning to 006. I thought that in order for that to happen they would have called just 006 and not Rock 006 because when they
  6. This happened when my main pilot died, check the logbook in the game you can go to C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\MissionEditor/logbook.lau In the text file search for the word "dead" and change it to false thats how i did it hope it helps
  7. I think i may have found what the issue was , I was on the correct stations but I didnt have civ traffic turned off and by doing that now everyone is talking like i expected. Great mission so far even with my mistakes Thanks for your hard work
  8. are you guys flying the a-10cii or just the a-10c? I heard the 2 has AI issues and im on that mission in the A-10cii and The AI im suppose to follow dont show up. I see the helos and other a-10s and the ships but no one moves
  9. Does the A-10C ii work in this? I know I saw a post that some AI wasnt spawning correctly a few months ago. Wasnt sure if that was the issue still
  10. i did and i went everywhere it told me, I saw the choppers flying, it said to contact Prowler 1 (US convoy): on channel 144.3 AM. I tuned to that channel but hitting \ didnt do it space didnt do it. I love the mission i Guess I just did something wrong
  11. Alright so this is what the mission says to tune into Frequencies: AOC: Col. (Overlord): 253.3 UHF Dodge 1 (Your flight, 2 A10s): 35.5 FM Prowler 1 (US convoy): 144.3 AM Guard Channel: 121.5 AM and this is what i did , in the picture does this look correct. I never got the Prowler guy to call me on the radio. This shouldnt be so confusing but it would be nice to hear them to know im doing it correctly. Im new to the A-10 so i dont know or trust what im doing yet so any help would be nice
  12. Ok this is an odd one and its really annoying. I have progressed well into many campaigns but now they all say inactive. I didnt recently update I looked in the logbook.lua file and it looks like all my data is there
  13. I may have got it. I noticed my logbook.lua file wasnt in the mission editor folder it was in old folder deeper missioneditor/mods no that didnt fix it..
  14. Check this out. It looks like that data is still in the file. So why would it not see it
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