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  1. Yes i know, it's working now, but u have to be in a range of 9-10 nm..... then i can track only....
  2. Hey, at the new ATFLIR the Point Track Mode does not work. Matt said in his video it's working like in the old Pod, but it won't work. I press the sensor controll switch to right to get the two brackets with the point inside over the moving target. But the pod will not follow the target, it doesn't matter if it's TV or IR mode. Any ideas? Putze
  3. Hey guys, i have a problem with a test mission for CAP. I want that the enemy CAP is attacking the blue fighters, if they are in a special trigger zone. If the blue planes are leaving the zone, the reds should go back an circle in their zone. When blue is in zone again, they should attack and so on. I tried it some hours, the most things are working now. If i stay out ot the trigger zone, they will ignore me, if i enter the zone, they are attacking me. If i leave the zone, they are flying back and circle at their waypoint. But if i enter the trigger zone again, they fly straight at
  4. Hey, Lynux, I am glad that you are playing the mission :-) Unfortunately the server is a bit weak, it will be shut down soon. I plan to rent a more powerful server in the future, but this will take some time. Did you find the Viggen mission too easy? Greetings, Putze
  5. Does anyone have a Helios profile for the A10C 2 or does anyone know when one will be released? Unfortunately I don't know as much about Helios as I would know how to get it running myself. Greetings
  6. Problem has been solved: Delete and reload the f18 folder in saved games.
  7. Done https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4461520#post4461520
  8. Trim and autopilot no longer work Since the last update the trim and autopilot no longer work in flight. I have tested with Cold-Start, Hot-Start and Air-Start on all maps, I have also reset the controls without any difference. Before the patch everything worked fine. On the ground the trim of the rudders can be adjusted perfectly, but not anymore in the air. All autopilots like ATTH, BALT etc. are correctly displayed with colon and in the left MFD, but remain without effect. It's a game-braker for me.... Greets
  9. Since the last update neither the trim nor the autopilot work in all modes. Is this a bug or are there new procedures to activate this? Greets
  10. Thanks for your mail. I'm glad when you rise to the challenge. There are many ways to defeat the opponents, in one way or another ;-) I'm flying this mission for testing purposes with a friend of mine, but unfortunately there are always mistakes creeping in somewhere. I plan to release a new version in the late afternoon, in which there will be some changes.For example, the home base will be moved from Sharjah to Al Minhad to create a more authentic approach, like from the relocated carrier. A military airport has a slightly different feel than an international airport with civilian air
  11. Big Update 1.6. Has anyone had any experience with my mission? I would be happy about feedback!
  12. Hello, in my mission, certain actions cause "message to all" to be sent to everyone. Is there a possibility to repeat the last message e.g. via radio? Thanks, Putze
  13. Thx, Fix: https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Documentation/Ops.RescueHelo.html Thread can be closed :-)
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