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  1. I find it helps to switch to FLIR and adjust the levels and gain to increase the contrast. Also, not sure I can explain this well, but dont focus on looking for a ship, specifically. Focus on the overall pattern and tune your eye to catch what's different. Similar to what a sniper would do. They are trained to anylize the environment and spot what's different/out of place.
  2. In the last patch, or even two, something drastically changed in processor use. I admittedly have an old one, 2600k over clocked to 4.4 and i recently upgraded to a GTX 2600S. I upgraded GPU right before super carrier, and saw a massive increase in performance. I went from averaging 12-15 fps to 35-40. When super carrier released i saw a few more fps come my way (aside from on carrier obviously). Two updates ago i saw a plumet in performance, my processor starting to bottleneck, which as surprised as I was, wasnt really an issue when i upgraded my card. Then, with the last update
  3. I believe i did just that the other day to view video feed. I essentially unclicked DL and reclicked DL and it showed the feed. Well, then i had to change to the appropriate channel, but it worked without deselecting the SLAM. One issue i had, which may or may not been related, is that i lost feed during terminal flight when trying to guide it to target. Both missiles did this.
  4. Did you change the datalink channel? The channel is related to the station the munition was on. So if the first was station 8, datalink would be on channel 8. To pick the second one up, youd need to change the channel to say, station 3/channel 3. Ive only used two SLAMs, but my issue was that i lost the feed on both before impact and wasnt able to finish guiding to target.
  5. Ha. The models are made, just throw a little motion capture in there. Simple, right? Lol.
  6. Nobody found this funny? Or was I late to the party?
  7. I think the current deck crew animations fell short. See video. ${1} http:// In all seriousness, though. I'm loving it. Thanks.
  8. I've read most of those, too, but I have had zero negative impact and it's been business as usual dropping JDAMs just as i did before.
  9. I exclusively run OB, and with a pretty old rig. Up until a week ago I was averaging 15 fps with a GTX570. So i get a kick out of people complaining about performance and unplayability. That said. I upgraded just the vid card to a 2060 Super and now average 40 fps with increased graphics. Holy cow, lol. By the end of year i will upgrade the rest of the computer.
  10. I think it helps to stop behind the blast deflector as well until they recognize you. I've had them address me when stopping closer to the cat, but ive also been ignored until i circled back around and stopped behind the deflector.
  11. Use the HSI. It will put a ranging circle on the DDI showing the target and in the top corner will tell you bearing and range. It will also put this information on the HUD showing how far you are from In Range and when you can release.
  12. By "All YouTubers," when were the videos posted you are referring to? The process has changed a few times. Most recent was a few months ago. It's a pretty straight forward process, I will attempt tomorrow to upload a "how to," but my setup isnt quite configured to produce quality content. That said. The key is to not revist any TOO program that you have set until you undesignate the tpod. Each TOO will immediately inherit the last target designated, this will update each time you designate. When you designate the final target, click undesignate. Once you undesignate, you can fre
  13. Absoluty enjoying it. All of the activity on the deck is fantastic. Today I had the pleasure of someone playing LSO and guided me. I was on approach with fuel state 1.4 and he cleared me direct to base and final w/o a break, upon reaching short final the deck became foul, he made active callouts and finally announced clear about a quarter second before I was going to Go Around. It was great. Here is the video:
  14. Yeah. I made two approaches today, the first went well, but the second i was unable to get passed "see you at ten."
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