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  1. Hi Guys - mine landed last week - set them up over the weekend - they are a nice setup. Soon to be added to the Hornet pit. Cheers peter
  2. Fighting with the search engine and feeling really blonde. In previous projects I've done things the hard way and not used DCS-BIOS - just using LUA natively. Finally discovered how crazily easy DCS-BIOS makes pit building with the Hornet. Just stuck on one little thing - how do you send the basic stuff like pause sim, change view, as these aren't in the aircraft specific modules. And in the Common Module I can see outputs, but not inputs. I'm sure it is something completely obvious Thanks Peter
  3. Hi guys check out Open Hornet the work is already done https://openhornet.com/ cheers Peter
  4. Well the good news is got it running - and pretty sure the root cause was I had been using the Arduino IDE and Serial Port monitor for testing a Led Matrix, which only had the port running at 9600. The ironic way I discovered it - was came out this morning to check things and much to my dismay the Genuine Mega wasn't working, so it was time to backtrack. After powering everything down and powering up and not running the Arduino IDE with other code that used the serial port, things worked fine on the Genuine Mega, so then tried the Mega with the CH340 and it also worked. PHEW
  5. I managed to find an older original Mega - and it worked first time. Same sketch. Non-communicating Mega at the top, and the classic (working) below - So I'm guessing it something to do with the CH340. Any bright ideas?
  6. Thanks - I did check that - as I'd unplugged the Uno and then plugged in the Mega - both used Com4. I'm pretty sure the Arduino is actually receiving data as the serial leds starting flash when I hit the connect button in DCS - if I didn't know better I'd guess it is a baud rate mismatch - but not sure how to validate - and I still could be completely looking in the wrong direction :)
  7. I'm starting simple - a single Arduino at the moment
  8. Hi Guys I know I'm missing the complete and utterly obvious - and probably overthinking it but I'm struggling to get DCS BIOS talking to my Mega. I connect an Uno and it just works. Use the same script and comm port (after unplugging the Uno :)) - I am unable to either update a led or trigger a switch change. The serial monitor led is flashing away - so the Mega is having serial data thrown at it. It is using the CH340 chip, and I've also tried a second mega. If I didn't know better I'd say its a baud rate issue. (and answering the question before it gets asked - I've got a single U
  9. Really nice work on this - is it a dual stepper with the outer indicator done as a single piece?
  10. Here's the site that generates the font http://oleddisplay.squix.ch/#/home
  11. Nice work sir - and thank you very much for sharing the UFC Font file - I"m running down a very similar road to yours.
  12. Hi Guys Just trying to save - myself a little time - would anyone have a U8g2 14 Segment font that they be happy to share? I'm using OLEDs for the UFC - and had started with Adafruit (found a 14 Seg library that worked nicely) - but then found the Adafruit library doesn't 64*48 displays so started tinkering with the U8g2 library which seems to do the job nicely - just need the 14 Seg font - which I know I can build out if needed - just trying not to reinvent what has already been done. Ta Peter
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