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  1. As always.... thank you Phil p.s. I'd love to know where you find what the device IDs are....
  2. Bonjour LeCuvier.... Could I please call on your skills yet again? Mirage 2000, Drag Chute line : {down = iCommandPlaneParachute, name = _('Drag Chute DEPLOY'), category = _('Flight Control')},Is it possible to create a 2-button entry? i.e. deploy chute undeploy(?) chute Thanks in advance, Phil
  3. Thanks again.... you've been a great help. Phil
  4. Thanks for that quick mod... I have just tested it & it's almost there.... I had to switch the value_down values : {down = cptlights_commands.HookBypass, cockpit_device_id = devices.CPT_LIGTHS, value_down = 1.0, name = _('Hook Bypass Switch FIELD'), category = {_('Left Vertical Panel')}}, {down = cptlights_commands.HookBypass, cockpit_device_id = devices.CPT_LIGTHS, value_down = -1.0, name = _('Hook Bypass Switch CARRIER'), category = {_('Left Vertical Panel')}}, Nice 1 - thanks yet again for your help... :thumbup: Phil
  5. Rats! LOL... yep, my post was asking originally for Anti Skid for A10C! Many apologies.... well.. in that case.. can you do the same for the F/A18 as well please? Anti-skid lines for on and off.. And since I'm sticking my neck out all the way, could you also look at "Hook Bypass".. a separate line for Field and one for Carrier? (also for F/A 18C) Your ability to configure these things never ceases to amaze me!! Phil
  6. Yeah, I understand about resets/upgrades.... I always have a copy saved in order to copy the mods back in... Problem is, the wizzy code given by LeCuvier doesn't work anymore... Phil
  7. Something has changed in one of the updates for me.... this mod doesn't seem to be working anymore for the F/A 18.... Could you please take a look for me? Thanks, Phil
  8. Thank you.... set up now.... :thumbup: Originally, I didn't fully understand that the config item meant 2 button positions... Phil
  9. Thank you - perfect.. :thumbup: Maybe I'm missing something but the master arm switch for the AV8B is just a toggle... I would like to assign it to my master arm on/off switch.. with 2 distinct positions - "Master Arm - Safe" & "Master Arm - Arm" I hope that makes sense? Thanks again, Phil
  10. Hi LeCuvier, I have one more request please..... (1 request.... 2 buttons :) ) On the FA18, the launch bar is a toggle switch... Can you define 2 entries; 1 for extend & 1 for retract? On the AV8B, I have been trying to get the Master arm to act as 2 entries; Arm & Safe (I can sort of get it working but it wont reset to whatever the switch is set to at the start of a mission) Thanks again... Phil
  11. Thx for the pointer, Greyman.... code created & works perfectly... Here's the link in case anyone else has a need.. Phil
  12. That worked PERFECTLY! Thank you... you are a genius..... (Glad you had a weirding moment :) ) Phil
  13. Hi all... Having built a button box (zero delay USB encoder) for the FA-18C, I have been configuring it with the newly acquired A-10C. I see from the config bindings that the Anti-Skid is a toggle switch with a single entry in the joystick default.lua file. Does anyone know of a way to split it into 2 buttons so an ON and an OFF can be bound, rather than just 1 toggle point? (Similar to this post for the AV-8B? ) Thanks... Phil
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