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  1. We flew F's (B), R's (H), T and Super T. Dressing the props was for a tidy squared away look and reduce FOD. DCS also depicts the SKE (station keeping equipment), on the KC-130, we didn't have it. Only USAF. I did initial qual at Little Rock AFB and they had it.
  2. Pan Pan Pan. Somehow I have a couple copies going. DCS World 271GB and Eagle Dynamics 150GB. With DCS World here and in the Eagle Dynamics folder. I would like to organize the 500GB SSD, "G", and use the DCS Updater Utility, but I am not too proficient. I re-installed DCS on 10/8 as a result of having accidentally deleted it. Now my G drive is full of extra DCS. I placed a couple of screen shots below. I copied the Eagle Dynamics folder to 'E" drive, thinking it's the superfluous file. I don't want to lose any game time by pulling the plug so I'm asking. Would a brother help this old Marine Aviator? Thanks in advance. Herk
  3. Parked DCS C-130’s props should be up and down in cruciform to aid in FOD protection and looks. They shouldn’t look as if someone parked it and then blew Dodge. Just a suggestion for a modification.
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