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  1. In real life you have to move the AAR switch to OPEN if refueling a viper with centerline tank. Otherwise you build up air pressure in the tanks and will eventually cause fuel to overflow from the vent port in the left wing. It would almost always happen to rookie ground crews. Would be a pain to clean-up afterwards.
  2. Zohardv

    Enemy AI

    Thanks. It's been very discouraging, barely being able to take on a Mig-29 with an F-16 (I win about 90% of the time, but after a long and unrealistic fight). I often thought the AI's flight characteristic is "off the chart". Now after reading some posts about it in this forum, I'm quite confident that it is true.
  3. Zohardv

    Enemy AI

    Is it just me, or is it that Ace level AI are not subjected to the laws of physics? When analyzing dogfights with me in an F-16 vs an Ace Mig-29, I just couldn't out-turn him. Pulled maximum G and had high energy, but the Mig-29 would still win every merge. The M29 also seems to have infinite amount of energy, coming out of a slow, rolling scissors into a quick vertical loop. That's insanely frustrating. Is it me, or are the AIs unrealistically competent?
  4. I'm trying all sorts of scenarios, speeds, altitudes ang loads. The best TR I could get so far was about 19.7 deg/sec. and it was instantaneous. I could not sustain that turn rate. Is that considered top notch? (no sarcasm here, asking for real )
  5. I think it's easier said than done. I find myself struggling to maintain a 3g turn against a Mig-29, while watching the speed rapidly drop from 275 to 200 (completely sleek, with about 5000 pounds of fuel). I also find that maintaining a turn at 400+ knots will have a huge radius, rendering it very ineffective in a two circle fight. That's not how the viper got it's nickname. IMHO, something is way off in the Viper's FM. Sorry to say, but It feels like a flying wheelbarrow.
  6. So, is that a "known bug", or something in development. Asking the MODs here...
  7. Hi all. In dogfight mode the radar automatically locks onto targets. Depending on the selected mode, it will lock on targets that are on my nose, in my line of sight or on the vertical line. When dogfighting, I often like to come quiet, without a radar lock, and to assume position behind the bandit. Is there a way to inhibit the radar from automatically lock a target in any ACM mode? (BTW, I remember that in the *other sim* TMS down would cycle between vertical mode and radar standby).
  8. Thank you all for the advice. I'm still struggling with the tomcat, but slowly getting the hang of it. Still can't manage an ACE AI though (only once in a while). I'll keep training to it.
  9. Hi all. I've been trying to use the rudder as suggested. I think the issue has to do more with energy management. I find myself struggling to maneuver with the speed dropping below 150 knots.
  10. OK OK.. I'm starting to realize some stuff... First of all, thanks for the video (and the TLDR ). I just realized that I'm supposed to use DLC (thumbwheel on the stick) to control my maneuvers. I'm used to have all of those working automatically (i.e. LEFs in the F-16). Is there an "Auto" mode for the DLS? Slats, Flaps etc...
  11. Hi all. I've been flying this awesome mod for the past couple of days now (as part of the free trial). I am astounded by the level of details and realism. I seems a lot of effort was put into this and I really like that. Alas, when I take the tomcat to a gun fight against an ACE AI (quite an easy task, when flown with other DCS planes), I find it almost impossible to control. I find myself fighting to keep control over the aircraft. A/C frequently departs control and which usually result in un-commanded rolls. I am not a noob in DCS itself and can manage most
  12. Hi all. I couldn't find in the manual what are the critical velocities for the flanker? - Flaps - Gear - Landing speed I've managed to realize it with trial and error, but I would like to know if there are any official values for it. Thanks. ZoharDV
  13. Hi I fully agree on having the server run on a free map, to allow everyone to participate. But, will it be possible to swap between areas? How difficult would it be to have, for example the Guns only area swapped with Air? Or even just moving the areas a few miles away from their current locations. Moreover, maybe it is possible to switch seasons? It would be nice to fight over some snow every once in a while. Just for the sake of versatility and to shake things up. It gets quite monotonous to see the same terrain over and over. Edit: Just imagine how exiting it will be to have the guns on
  14. That's weird. I'm pretty sure that you can lock on and have a tone if you point your seeker to an airborne flare. This means that pre flaring might give your adversary a good tone, believing he (or she) has you locked on, while the missile is tracking a flare. I can also recall countless times where firing FOX 2 on a pre flared target resulted in the missile losing track just a few seconds into its flight. I usually refrain from wasting a good missile on a pre flared target. If I do so, its only to cause the adversary to lose time, flares and energy on trying to beat the missile. It only work
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