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  1. I did the same one about a month ago, works a treat! I found the assembly a little tricky though, very tight specs and I was worried I might strip the threads on the 3dprinted parts. But went super careful and it was fine.
  2. For your helo re- supply missions in an MP server then I could definitely recommend Cold War 1947 - 1991, many scenarios with most containing the Mi-8.
  3. You are definitely the man! I've downloaded and installed the profile and works a treat, love it. Now I'm just going to analyse how you did it to see where I went wrong. Though I'm sure I tried all permutations of negative numbers. Obviously not otherwise we wouldn't be having this dialogue! Once again thanks for your generous help, I am indebted.
  4. Is there a Stream Deck file to go with this? I have managed to incorporate the radio and ADF readouts to my SA342M file but for the life of me cannot get the ADF dials to decrease, If I add a negative value to the increment it still increases. I can't figure out the above dials numbers in the lua file. Apologies if its straight forward but I'm not too bright. I have many hours tinkering with DCS interface values, but it can get frustrating sometimes. Thanks for your time, It's really great the work you do for the community.
  5. I'd be interested as to where that info is and where the selector is to set the "MEMORY" position in other to perform a great circle navigation. I've just re read the DCS manual on the DISS-15 and see no mention of that.
  6. As far as I'm aware there are no parameters to be set, memory mode is activated when the doppler signal is unreliable, therefore losing tracking info. When it becomes reliable again memory mode is extinguished.
  7. This is so useful, always part of my set up and the instructions to load are very easy to follow. Great stuff.
  8. Thanks for that but I can see it and I have downloaded that file and unzipped it for it's constituent parts. My problem is that there is no installer. The installed update that I have downloaded has a different path in the export.lua (points to the DCS saved games scripts export.lua) where my DCS bios is installed in program files. I am simply trying to get the additional files to show in the control reference I have The Mi-24. Line 11 of the attached export.lua shows I rem'd out the line and inserted line 9 from the downloaded file. Doesn't appear to have affected the program at all. Export.lua
  9. I've now found out I'm am using an old version of DCS Bios (DCS-BIOS Version: v0.10.0+64 (21e288cdeb95f54d1b5c4935fde9e51ae3c58965) , but for the life of me I can not find the latest installer, I'm going round in circles on the git hub page and even tried just putting the files into my DCS saved games scripts folder and altering the export.lua to reflect. As expected did not work. Any ideas that will help me? Cheers
  10. The knob pulls off quite easily, you could always simply replace with a smaller one.
  11. Hi there I have the plugin connected and a Harrier module that takes the controls as outlined above. But where in the various DCS modules do I find the Control: UFC_OS1 for example. so that I may program other aircraft from DCS Control button? *Disregard I found how to do it.
  12. *The wheel that you see on the "far" side of the head is probably meant to be the throttle, but I guess you can use it for other axis if you so wish. I think you may have missed that the handle rotates, which my be better as a Throttle for you, I use the wheel as a Zoom, but each to his own. Have fun with it, I've had mine for a few months now and use it every day! Though I've hard fixed it to a desk rather than a chair a bit of jigory pockery with bits I had laying around. I thought it might be tricky because it hides the tightener, but so far I've never had to adjust it, as I said I use it everyday.
  13. May I refer you to this DCS: SA342 Gazelle Complete English Cockpit (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  14. Folks, it was a great watch from a spectators viewpoint, the end battle with the red and blue tank was particularly tense, cat and mouse through the town. Great stuff!
  15. And here's me looking for a brush type anti dust solution, sock works for now. Great idea!
  16. Ah, The magic of photoshop. Thanks for letting me know. Thought I was missing a trick.
  17. WOW, How did you get this to show all of the three options in full? I've tried for ages to get this, fail and try again another time.
  18. Great! I have yet to master the Huey, still on the Mi-8 which is going quite well and now the Ka-50 which is terrific. Making up streamdeck buttons is now taking my time to complement my flying. Luckily having been made redundant It keeps me busy!
  19. I think you maybe ok. I initially took the left arm off the chair to get it to fit and it seemed ok I just didn't have the swing room and the stick was a little to far forward for my liking, with the supplied bracket. Hence the rethink. Though as I remember the supplied bracket fixing slots didn't line up with the bracket for the SecretLab arm rest holes
  20. Some good mounting ideas here. Mine is mounted to a small offside table. I couldn't get it to mount to my chair in a reasonable position for use, it's a Secretlab chair so a little bulky and the room I have to move in is quite limited. Also I prefer it fixed rather than it move with chair movement if you get what I mean. A little scruffy but does the job. Access to the collective adjustment knob is limited but the stick is so well made it hasn't moved a jot after very intensive use for the past two weeks. I have to say it's brilliant for my helicopter flying and it has improved my helo ops massively. I also used some printing tape for my knob labelling too in my case a Brother printer did the job.
  21. I cannot praise this stick highly enough. I have had this collective stick for just over a week now. Massively improves my handling of the Mi-8. Have not yet tried with the Huey or Gazelle yet but I expect similar results. It replaces my warthog throttle , which I used as a collective and throttle. Which to be fair did a reasonable job. Nothing beats a real collective though, in my opinion. My mounting was slightly altered as well because I couldn't get it to fit well to my chair, but the table frame is perfect with and additional mounting bracket.
  22. @cw4ogden This is top notch stuff, glad I stumbled across it. I love flying the Mi-8 in DCS and although I have a few hours in it I do get caught out from time to time. Let's hope it gets fixed and hopefully isn't a similar problem in the new forthcoming Hind.
  23. Thanks very much for your time helping me out on this. I really appreciate it. I did try and do some tinkering with something like [370] = "%.2f", having watched your youtube vids but wasn't confident and it didn't work anyway, (not surprisingly). I was an old and bold aircraft mechanic back in the day and very new to this scripting lark. Again thanks for your help. [370] = "%.2f",
  24. All and any work on this is fabulous for us users and great fun if not time consuming to get the stream deck buttons to work in DCS. @ctytler is a saint! Attached is my attempt at a stream deck file for the Mi-8, still a work in progress and uses both system inputs and the DCS interface. MI-8.streamDeckProfile
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