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  1. Thanks very much for your time helping me out on this. I really appreciate it. I did try and do some tinkering with something like [370] = "%.2f", having watched your youtube vids but wasn't confident and it didn't work anyway, (not surprisingly). I was an old and bold aircraft mechanic back in the day and very new to this scripting lark. Again thanks for your help. [370] = "%.2f",
  2. All and any work on this is fabulous for us users and great fun if not time consuming to get the stream deck buttons to work in DCS. @ctytler is a saint! Attached is my attempt at a stream deck file for the Mi-8, still a work in progress and uses both system inputs and the DCS interface. MI-8.streamDeckProfile
  3. I assign the left TM Warthog Throttle lever as the twist throttle on the collective which I find helps when coming into the hover, minor reduction seems to help me at least at low speed. May not be correct but what ever works. Maintaining straight and level flight for me is by using the three autopilot channels.
  4. Hello I have for the past few days tried to set radio thumb wheels rotating to select manual radio channels in the Mi-8, both Jadro and R863. Frustratingly I can get them set up but the rotation effect is random no matter what value I put in. Having watched through many times your youtube vids I still can't work out what the problem is. To add to my frustration the knobs move correctly via in game mouse clicks, hope you can steer me in the right direction, cheers.
  5. Whilst I realise profiles are mainly set for personal preference for the kit you have, it might be worth attaching your profile so we can have a play around with it. Looks like you have a great setup.
  6. I hope so, because I just won the F14A & B in a competition tonight and I'll need all the help I can get. I normally fly the Mi-8 so shows where I am in the plot lol.
  7. I was watching Rossmum last night on Twitch and his settings looked rock solid when he looked in the cockpit and elsewhere. It reminded me of your problem. He said he ensures “precision“ is enabled, slows the movement a little but may help. I don’t have access to my computer to check it out at the moment but perhaps it might help you before you spend anymore.
  8. When I wanted to do what you want without any hassles I found RSMapper on here and saves all that LUA faff. Program any single action key to on/off however you like, and more. Youtube also has a hoe to guide if needed.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply, but I'm all sorted now. I had an issue with the export lua file, needed to changw a couple of lines around.
  10. Hi Here are my before and after Export.lua files from Saved Games>DCS openbeta> Scripts. Simshaker lines had to be top. hope it helps. Original Export.lua Export.lua
  11. See attached Cold War 1947 - 1991.pdf
  12. Hi I've just seen this after I'd shut down the games computer, I'll dig out the files tomorrow and get back to you. Though to honest it was only 4 or 5 lines i had to juggle with.
  13. Bugger, I've only just managed to source, sort and collate 59 pages of the last briefings so I can follow the missions Rossmum plays, and that's only if he lets slip which mission it actually is. I'm not quiet there just yet at automatically guessing which one he is on.
  14. Hi I had a similar problem to many USB's not enough sockets. I used a SupaGeek PCI-E to Type C (1), Type A (4) USB 3.0 5-Port PCI Express Expansion Card from Amazon and a similar one with 5 USB outlets plugged straight into the motherboard, no problems and dead easy. I am slightly suspicious of multi port desk top hubs , hence the PCI route. Regards button mappings, if your talking Joystick then RSmapper is well useful, I did a search and found on here, there are also YOUTUBE vids on how to set it up. Hope that helps.
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