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  1. Spent some more time playing with this last night. Still not sure of any useful effect other than disengage auto pilot (AFC). The scenario is when AFC causes trim to be at extreme position, so when you take control the aircraft wants to pitch. Fighting against the trim is difficult and manually resetting trim is time consuming as it moves very slowly. There is a chance pressing emergency disconnect after getting to level flight may help reset trim. I'm not sure it does anything. Pressing Active Pause also helps AFC to reset. Other times it seems to reset at rand
  2. I wish it did reset trim. As far as I can tell, 'Emergency SAAHS Disconnect ' does nothing more than flip the AFC off. It does not turn it back on upon release, reset trim or turn off any of the three stability controls. Test by turning on AFC + Alt Hold. Throttle down. Observe the trim pitching up as your air speed drops. Try disconnect SAAHS. Observe changes. Realized I made a spelling mistake in the thread title, but can't edit now after forum upgrade.
  3. Yes, but what? Repeated mission twice. Followed waypoints, changed radio channels and pressed space on queue. I even made sure to overfly the way points precisely. I believe I kept appropriate speed and timings. Edit: Tried 3rd time. Ensured correct take off time, speed, altitudes, waypoints, radio comms. Same silence around WP 13. Anchored for 30min and then headed home, didn't trigger anything further. Hopefully more people will try the campaign and provide a clue.
  4. When I play with your test1.miz file or modify it in editor (eg. change Player to Client) or other tests, I always get repro, aircraft on front of deck. Even deleting the ship and plane in your file and adding again. However if I make new test myself, it's always fine. Mission file attached. EDIT: Attached file currently does not have 'player' or 'client' set. Also getting some repros now. Will test more and report back. EDIT: I appear to have full repro as kirk7312 describes. I remember this user made mission (Gulf shenanigans.miz) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/330
  5. Can't get Mission 2 to progress past comms at WP 11. Last communication is to switch radio to 'range', CH 4. After that, silence and no mission progress. I've anchored for 20mins with time accell, nothing. Attempted missions 2 twice, same both times. 1st time I decided to RTB and as I passed WP 15 (I think, at the coast), comms started as if I'd reached WP 12/13 to chat with earlier flight and then start JTAC comms.
  6. No repro from me. Tried starting AV8 'on runway' on Tarawa. Appeared normal. Also tried user mission which had previous bug as you describe. Testing Persian Gulf, Beta (May be issue, just no repro from me. I care about this issue from last time.)
  7. It's right there on the stick, but under what scenarios should one use the Emergency SAAHS Disconnect?
  8. Thanks for responding Razbam. I've dumped fuel many times before, but recently returning to AV8 after time away. Question is, are there any steps beyond those in the guide?: 1) Set Bingo Fuel 2) Flip Left and Right switches to Dump The observe fuel reduce slowly until Bingo or 2600 limit. Old but still current method of dumping fuel Attaching .trk file with my attempt. av8_fuel_dump1.trk
  9. Trying to dump some fuel at the moment. I flip the Left and Right switches to Dump and nothing happens. Have set lower Bingo Fuel and have the VTO menu open also to watch weight. Successfully jettisoned external fuel tanks. What am I missing? Beta
  10. Looking forward to this fix, flying night missions and I make use of this. Even better if the contrast can be calibrated well, I spend a lot of time turning the knobs trying to make it look good.
  11. I'm new to F-16, so not sure if pilot error or what you describe. I've tried a soft and good looking landing which had my plane flip upside down and crash instantly on touching the ground. This has happened twice. I'd expect to bounce, swerve out of control etc. but this was an instant crash on what otherwise appeared to be reasonable landing.
  12. Thanks for your comments, and thanks BigMotor, I'll have to try the Auto Flaps. I'm finding it, not so much difficult, but requiring constant vigilance, just to fly straight toward a waypoint with a trimmed and AFC enabled craft.
  13. Returning to the Harrier after a long time, I can't believe, or remember how unstable this aircraft is with respect to roll. Even with the AFC on and Alt Hold, and well trimmed, the aircraft will roll and drift. The tiniest bump of stick will continue to roll in either direction, at least a little. I added a curve of 15 to my joystick to assist with finer control. For most aircraft with wings, tail and similar stabilizing features, once you have some speed, there is a wind vane effect which keeps the aircraft quite stable. This reminds me more of a beach ball! My questions are: 1) Has t
  14. Just returning to the Harrier after a long stint in the Mirage. Not sure what experience I had, but was looking forward to trying this mission. I received warning from Tornado about the SAMs, so ordered wingman to Engage Air defenses. Heard acknowledgement, so radio was working, but never another word from him/them. Dive bombed the primary target and hit about 6 units at the HQ releasing my full payload. Also taking a missile hit from a nearby SAM, then fled home with my wounded bird. Skipped tanker refuel as I'm rubbish at it and didn't want to spend the time trying. Landed home and recei
  15. Okay, thank you for that information.
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