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  1. Thanks. That was it. Surprised I didn't notice when attempting auto with manual flight. I do notice it's a bit finicky and can turn itself off if it doesn't thing the sequence is perfect.
  2. Thanks for replying. I'm referring to ready made missions both bundled with the F18 and user made ones I've down loaded. The waypoints already appear in sequence, the SEQI button shows lines connecting them. CPL steers toward the current one. If I don't advance with UP arrow button, the aircraft will reach waypoint then steer in circles. Just can't get AUTO to box.
  3. New to F/A-18 here. Trying to get the active waypoint to advance automatically when I fly past or use autopilot CPL. The AUTO button on HSI will not select for me like the guide and Wag's video show. I have googled but don't see any discussion of it not working or common user mistakes. What am I doing wrong?
  4. No, learning and flying them one at a time. But, recently learned and flew A-10 and enjoyed it a lot. Just finished excellent Enemy Within 3.0 campaign. Definitely a great plane, very mature and featured and unique CAS missions with HOTAS experience. Not to mention a very big gun.
  5. Allow modifier button alone to act as Finger Lifts. It can be inconvenient to dedicate a button to act as Finger Lift(s) to move the throttle into after burner zone etc. It would be great to somehow allow the axis to be restricted or not entirely based on on of the existing modifiers. This should feel very natural to have restricted movement or full axis movement based on a modifier. It's quite possible this is a limitation of the DCS application.
  6. Just finished The Enemy Within 3 played for first time with DCS v2.7 and A-10c II. That was an awesome, immersive and memorable experience. Well done Baltic Dragon and all contributors to the campaign. I don't know if there was a The Enemy Within 2 or 1, but the campaign felt quite polished both story and play through. Probably the most stable campaign I've played. Perhaps starting this late had benefits? Using the helmet sight and A10 v2 was great. Errata: Coming from Red Flag Mirage, I initially wasn't aware there were no radio messages to start the
  7. Same here. Came here looking for answers.
  8. Just finished Mission 18. I enjoyed it a lot, but it was much harder than it should have been... My wingman crashed into a mountain early on, offering me no fire support. The F16s were on F10 call but didn't hit anything thought they did respond in the affirmative. The relieving A-10 flight on RTB did not attack anything (likely by design). So it was all up to me. A very target rich environment. However, There was >50% cloud cover over the AO, so I had to make many passes overhead to try and spot things and laser bomb. There were a number of time
  9. Argh, must remember to re-apply bug fix after every DCS update. Just finished a 1.5hr mission after a repeat, no end mission. Checked and recent patch had replaced with original version. It would be great for a dev to acknowledge this issue or better accept the fix since it's just moving a null reference check, which at worst can't hurt.
  10. @BalionGreat, thanks! That's why I couldn't find it with Search, it's being moved out from every aircraft to a new sim-wide location to affect all aircraft. Not a bug, this topic can be closed.
  11. Just updated to DCS version Time Acceleration / Decelerate appear to be missing from control Actions after latest patch. Appears to be DCS A-10c II and original (Also AV8B, M2000C and perhaps a few others, but not all others.) Can anyone else verify reproduction of this issue? On further investigation, I see DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Input\A-10C_2\joystick\default.lua no longer contains bindings to iCommandAccelerate etc. like the other aircraft. If I manually copy those lines from another aircraft I can work around the issue and
  12. @baltic_dragonThanks for commenting. I've now completed to mission 10, and so far there have been no serious issues relating to the clouds. The clouds have fairly well matched the mission description and expectations. At worst some minor tweaks to cloud density or elevation could help some target areas. As for dialog, twice the dam / reservoir was mentioned as scenic view, but with 100% or near cloud cover at that flight leg altitude, was completely occluded. Wingman has called out spotting targets covered by cloud, but he may just have super binoculars!
  13. Thanks for responses. I just finished a new mission, ended well, however I did try Buzzline's fix since the code change looked completely safe and reasonable.
  14. I haven't re-played my endless mission. Instead I edited my log file to skip it. I also haven't flown another mission since. Does this bug affect ALL subsequent missions, or just some, so playing the same mission is likely to fail the same way?
  15. I'm playing the campaign for the first time, and with v2.7 clouds. I wonder how it compares to the earlier versions and clouds. Wingman: "Look at the dam down there" Me: "Nope, just clouds" Mission: Keep above 16k feet to avoid MANPADs Me: Circle at 9k feet to be below clouds to see the ground and target anything. Up to mission 7 now, and enjoying it, but I sometimes wonder how compatible the clouds are and will be with the mission designs.
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