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  1. Thanks, that worked. I notice that modifies the game files. Is there a way to modify files in the Saved Games\DCS folder instead, so changes will persist past updates?
  2. I tried binding the 'Arresting Hook Handle (special)' action to a 2-way switch on my Virpil throttle. It appears to work as two way On <-> Off with hook extending or retracting. However the behavior is the opposite to what I expect. The F18 hook extends in Off position and retracts in On position. This is the opposite to F14 and all other 2 way special bindings I've used before (in other modules). F14 has 'hook extend, else retract' (which I use) and also 'hook retract, else extend', which is the reverse like F18. It makes sense to provide both directions to accou
  3. Just tested with some random instant actions (blur setting low)... F-14B air start - no sign of blur (tested twice) F-14A ground start - blur from jets Huey ground start - blur from engines So blur is there for me, not sure if all airborne jets are affected. Try a ground start to compare with my results?
  4. Just confirming kirk7312's repro. Set to Player or Client, with AV8 set to Runway or Ramp the aircraft starts forward on deck of Kuzentsov. Set to non player, the aircraft starts in correct location but is naturally unplayable. Strangely some 3rd party single and campaign missions work correctly now, which did not with the previous bug of similar behavior.
  5. DimSim

    In-cockpit noise

    With helmet sound the engine is so quiet for me, I use the external view to check my engine is running.
  6. No advice, but I encountered the same problem. If I slewed the Mav too far, I couldn't find a way to reset it. Un/Re cage didn't help. There is a 'slave' option, but I think it works the other way, with TGP pointing to Mav sensor target.
  7. Thought I'd share my IR Maverick with TPOD sequence. Since the sim changed and docs did not appear up-to-date, I experimented and wrote this down. Would like to hear any criticism or improvement since it's pretty complicated. IR Maverick with TPOD sequence: 1. AG mode (to select AG weapons) 2. TPOD powered (STBY -> On) 3. Set IR mode CCD or FLIR as desired 4. Stores, Select IR Mav. Starts warmup SBY -> RDY (Warmup can take 3mins, won't uncage) 5. Clear target if needed 6. TDC Down to select initial location OR cycle waypoints to get near ta
  8. Your story is almost identical to mine. I recommend the Mirage 2000 next, to compliment your Air to Ground with more Air to Air focus (though retaining ground strike) in a very complete and fun modern-ish jet. When you've got the basics, be sure to play the included campaign by Baltic Dragon, it is most immersive.
  9. Was thinking similar the other day. After consulting the manual and Chuck's guide, both obsolete, I ended up using forum posts and YouTube videos, along with trial and error to make some step-by-step process lists. Even then, there is no explanation why things are that way.
  10. You can bind Speak Red and Speak Green. I have then bound to two buttons on HOTAS. You can't currently bind Channel +/- or number key shortcuts. The actions you want are: Main U/VHF Radio SELECT <- Green Aux. UHF Radio SELECT <- Red
  11. +1 P-51 in single-player, active pause, not normal pause Map: Normandy, The Channel System: i7-4790K, Nvidia RTX 2080S, g-sync No overclocking CPU or GPU DCS: nVidia: 460.89
  12. I used to get this *sometimes* with UH-1 Huey. Recently I've seen it happen with the F-14 Tomcat rarely (possibly around the carrier ie. on take off). However I just bought the P-51 Mustang and it's happening all the time. Very annoying. The UH1 and F14 typically flashed the black full or partial (ie. 3/4) screen like peoples videos show. The P-51 sometimes flashes just top half the screen or top quarter yellow, like a big stretched texture. Othertimes it's full screen but always seems yellow-ish. EDIT: Perhaps I should have posted in this thread as the OP's descrip
  13. I bought Harrier and Mirrage as first my two jets. Love them both. Have spent more time in Mirage than any other aircraft. Love it and recommend it. A nice thing about mirrage is that you can perform ground attack. The bundled and commercial campaigns are also excellent. I can't speak for the Viggen but only hear positive things about it as far as fun to flying and bombing.
  14. Two Harrier aircraft technicians reported that the game appears less stable than the real aircraft, after having observed many hundreds of vertical take offs and landings. I don't have link but one was in the DCS forums. It's also possible sensitivity relates to controls vs the flight model.
  15. Thanks WeakLink, I'll have to experiment more with that AFC Reset.
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