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  1. Awesome, once RAZBAM implement it, hopefully they will put it on the mirage 2000 and mig 19 too! I know they're working on a mig 23 and f-15e so fingers crossed those will come with that If heatblur implemented it on their F-14 I would insta buy that module, only way I've talked myself out of getting that one is that it doesn't have VR control lol
  2. I have contacted razbam and heatblur (even dekka for the Jeff) but no replies. Sadly we are a minority. I even heard some saying that the touch controllers couldn't even have many assigned buttons however, I have bound the options key as Rshift, left click as Lalt and right click as Ralt, so on my right stick alone using those as modifiers I actually have 24 programmable keys, and another 24 on the left. With the face buttons mapped and gun trigger you have well over 50. Im getting by currently just putting a TM warthog on my lap (went back to Il2 for flying circus and
  3. From what I recall yes, I am just awaiting my quest 2 to start flying again, A strange quirk however due to the dual throttle setup is it can sometimes bug a bit (like trying to grab both but it just grabbing the left) also I found that occasionally when you let go of the grip the virtual hand actually stays on and still controls it (had a panic when the hornet immediately lost power only to realise the virtual hand had dialled the throttle right back) It seems all aircraft released by Eagle dynamics are fully compatible with the touch controllers, which I think is gr
  4. To those who may not know, as of the latest open beta update Leatherneck Simulations have updated the mig-21 with vr touch control, although a bit buggy it's great it has been added and look forward to utilising it in the future Thankyou Leatherneck Simulations
  5. Hi wondering if anyone could check for me, I have the A-10 and play with oculus touch, I find when using the controller to grab the virtual stick the in game hand does a 180 degree turn upon holding the grip button over the stick, and if I pull the stick back it pushes it forward, same with the throttle I'm on the most recent open beta release Just wanted to see if anyone could test and see if the same thing is occurring? Many thanks
  6. Not necessarily a mod, but two programs for oculus owners: Touchbinder Auto oculus touch These will allow you to map keybinds to your oculus controllers, or axis to the thumb sticks, very useful for those who fly solely with touch controllers in VR I fly with rudder pedals and just my touch controls, by binding things like right shift to thumb stick clicks as modifiers (and so on) you have about 30+ bindable keys for your touch controls Touchbinder is very easy to configure and allows simple creation of a script using an online tool, Auto oculus touch is not as easy requiring
  7. I've noticed on some modules you can control the throttle and stick with oculus touch controllers, are there any plans to integrate this into the MIG-21?
  8. if you use oculus you're in luck, use this software I found yesterday after pulling my hair out for a good few hours. I had the steam version of DCS where it would allow limited mapping for vr controllers yet the standalone does not (which I switched over to a few days ago) Using the software will allow you to rebind an oculus touch (you can remap everything but oculus still takes control of about 3 buttons X, Y and A I think which are menu, reset position in VR and zoom, I'm still trying to find a way to change those) but I press up on my left pad to set throttle to idle, the FW-190 has the
  9. Yes I noticed that with the F-16, to my delight it is working on the open beta version, however it seems you have to bind a button to move the throttle to idle, then you should have full control, in future I would hope you can just push the throttle to idle
  10. Hi all, I've been getting into dcs more now with all this time on my hands and noticed with some of my modules I can now actually control some aircraft using the oculus touch to 'grip' the throttle and stick, however it seems to only be eagle dynamics modules. To those who will advise me to the benefits of a hotas, I have a warthog, however my game set up is rather unconventional in the living room, so every time I wish to use my warthog I have to set up the stands and lots of time is spent packing up and putting away as I cannot leave them set up. To see I can just pop my headset on and fl
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