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  1. I'm also wondering about this. I use an analog axis slider for easy and fast zoom with the WMD7. Unfortunately when I switch back to air to air it's really hard to precisely navigate the radar elevation with the same slider.
  2. Thanks again for this mod! I've been playing with the LUA-files, and changed the shapes as mentioned. It looks really cool when you fly with the BK90, Rb15 and Meteor (the Mica-IR will have to work as a IRIS-T stand-in for the moment). Only things missing now are the working TGP pylon, working flaps and braking canards.
  3. I downloaded the Rafale mod and replaced the SD-10 shape with the Meteor one from the mod. The shape works, but it looks like its missing its texture. Did you do anything else to make this work? Thanks! Edit: I figured out that I also had to copy the two associated (missing) textures.
  4. Okay, I see. The TPOD does indeed show up at the correct pylon on the plane. But it's not recognized in the SMS and will therefore not be accessible from the cockpit.
  5. Yep, I'm aware of that. I use OVGME for separating files when testing mods, just to be sure that nothing conflicts. First of all, I'm super happy with the current state of this "unofficial" Gripen mod! In combination with Liberation it has made flying so fun. The only thing that would make it even better is the ability to integrate the DL/SPJ/TGP functionality without taking up precious weapon hardpoints. That's why I'm so interested in whether you've made the extra pylons work, because I can't seem to get them working. The extra pylons show up at loadout, b
  6. I have the wireless Delanclip attached to a Corsair HS70 wireless headset. I'm very happy with the setup.
  7. Thanks again! Does this mean that the three new pylons work for you? I still can't use the SPJ/DL/TGP on those. It doesn't seem as they are recognized by the aircraft (for example the SPJ and CLDP buttons are off when starting).
  8. Thanks! I tried it out, but unfortunately it's still not recognizing the tech on the three additional pylons.
  9. Been flying the Gripen a lot lately, just finished a 60 turn Liberation campaign with it as my main asset. A big thank you to @Jerec, I love the mod - and the western weapon addition! The only thing to wish for is if @Neon finds a way to use the three additional pylons for the TGP, DL and SPJ. That'd be awesome! I'd love to help, but I don't think I'm of much use when it comes to LUA scripting.
  10. Have you gotten the WMD7 to work at the alternate position/pylon?
  11. This is great! Much appreciated!
  12. Same issue here, would love to try it out. Any ideas? What do I need to try this myself?
  13. I guess this is the same behavior I'm experiencing. Was starting to question myself and my abilities, since the last update I can't seem to hit anything with 120C and SD10. The missiles' behavior are very strange. 120C goes where it wants.trk
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