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  1. Hello. Not sure where to post this. Busy with constructing (in English) an "audio dialog sketch/shore-based" associated with the naval fighter plane F/A-18C Hornet. In a scenario where a fighter pilot arrives at his plane, does an outside physical inspection check, climbs into his cockpit, go through pre-flight procedures, get go-ahead from flight captain, get clearance from ATC before rolling to take-off runway, then take-off…..anyone know what actual verbal dialog (in real life) might take place at a shore-based airfield between crew chief, flight captain, pilot and ATC? Of importance would be correct personnel designation, operational brevity words and military procedure/custom. Any ex-service personnel that can also help (Thank you for your service.)? Thanks.
  2. Hi John I would also be interested. I have subscribed to your channel. Best regards.
  3. I'm not happy with any of the options, so I can't vote. BTW, what is meant by DCS 3.0? A total rewrite of the entire sim?
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