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  1. Ok, I'll reach home aprox. at 16:30, I'll send you then the profile. I'd need your email address, though, so if you could send it to me through PM... :) Cheers, Asterix
  2. Hi, I'd send you mine, but it's not for HazardScript but for Biped (another Dhauzimmer's driver profile editor). If you are interested just let me know and I'll send your ASAP (ASAP means in aprox. 8h from now as I'm currently at work ;)) Best regards, Asterix
  3. Hi, Maybe it's some sort of incompatibility with StarForce drivers. You should check Starforce site for help on this. Sometimes it's just a matter of reinstalling the burner software, IIRC. Regards, Asterix
  4. OK, your GPU is somewhat hot. This could be very well the cause, but I don't know. If you say that it has always run at that temperature, well... I still think it's a bit too hot. Anyway, you can be sure that a game in XP CAN'T restart your system. At maximum it can crash and XP will show you the usual message about "this application has caused an error etc etc...", but it can't alone make your system reboot. This only can be caused by, as posted before, as hardware issue or a faulty driver. It's for this I said you to disable the automatic system restart on crashes. This way ff it's a d
  5. Hi, Automatic restarts are mainly due to any hardware malfunction (including CPU overheating sometimes), or to a faulty driver. In the first case you should try to fix whatever hardware issues you might have with your machine. Most probable candidates are memory and VGA card. Try i.e. to extract one by one your memory modules (alternatively) to see if without anyone of them your machine runs fine. For faulty drivers, you should first be sure that you have "Automatic Restart" option turned off. I can't remember right now how to deactivate it, but it's somewhere in Control Panel. With
  6. Hi, Radar emissios obviously can't be stopped at 15 km ;). They are electromagnetic signals that extends indefinitely until they vanish by losing power with distance. The only way to "limit" them would be to emit such a low power signal that would vanish at aprox. that distance, but I really doubt it's that way. It's the radar logic of the emitting aircraft who discriminates and ignores any return from beyond that limit distance. So yes, a real RWR should detect those emissions, although I really don't know what happens in LOMAC. If GGTharos says it doesn't, then as he says it's wrong h
  7. Hi, As said a zillion times before, this has happened some times, to some users, and when using some configurations of DVD burners / sofware burners / Windows and so on. Statistically there's more problems with graphic cards than with StarForce. And, to my knowledge, most of the times this problems can be solved by a full reinstall of these software in an appropiate order (Windows driver stack is somewhat "delicate" sometimes ;)...). By the way: I have a DVD burner that still burns at the usual speed, using the very same program I used before (Nero or Sony DVD Arquitect), and my "virtu
  8. If you exclude "drivers" from "software" category, then yes, you are right ;). @T-Bone: if the problems have appeared after installing a new version of Cat drivers, then try to reinstall old ones. If the problem disappears, then don't reinstall new's. Sometimes lastest drivers are not the ideal ones for "old" cards, because they are intended for the lastest products. At least, this is how it works in nVidia world, although with ATI it could be different, though. Cheers, Asterix
  9. Hi, Sorry for my ignorance, but... ¿What does "vortex effects" mean exactly? Regards, Asterix
  10. Hi, Sorry but there is something that I can't understand in your post: if the problem causing the hog is that his CPU is not powerful enough ¿why should he turn sound hardware acceleration to minimum? This would allow more workload to the CPU. Best regards, Asterix
  11. Hi, I know there won't be a DC inside the game at short - medium term, and probably neither at long term. Developers seem focused exclusively in the simulation part of the game, adding new flyables, optimizing graphics, etc... They can't - or don't want to - develop a full DC engine because this will take up too much resources on dev's hours and money, and probably the result will not be worth the effort. What I was proposing was simply a sort of 3rd way between the duality of "DC Yes - DC No" paradigm. DC Yes, but external. I don't think it's something so strange, it's just a step
  12. Hi, Thanks a lot. This is all I wanna know when I started the thread :D. Cheers, Asterix
  13. Hi, Just to clarify: what I was suggesting is precisely a way to avoid putting LOTS of units inside the game, so converting LockON in a sort of 'bubble' in which units (friendly / enemy / ...) are DYNAMICALLY entered / retired as long as the player moves arounds the theater and, most important, in real time as the player flyes. This is process could be done if LOMAC provided some sort of mechanism to do it, like a hook DLL, an OLE interface, whatever. This interface should provide the "client" program (the campaign generator) a constant flow of information about what's happening insi
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