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nessuno0505 04-11-2018 01:35 AM

F-5e or uh-1h: what module should I buy?
Steam sales suggest me to buy a new module; as I play standalone version of dcs, I know newest steam modules, like viggen or m2000, are not compatible with dcs standalone (different protection system), so my choice is limited to pre-m2000 modules, and f5-e and uh-1h are the only two left in my choice (I'm not interested in ww2 or korea era planes and I prefer english native cockpits vs both russian mig-21 and mi- 8. But I can't choose which one of the two, so I ask suggestions... maybe it can be useful to know the modules I already own: a-10c, ka-50, l-39, FC3 package and combined arms. I enjoy both a-10c and ka-50, and I also enjoy l-39 just for flying and aerobatics, since in combat role it is IMHO quite limited and not so easy to use. Maybe f-5e can be a sort of advanced and more combat-capable l-39 style plane; while with the uh-1h I could learn to fly a more direct copter than the stability augmented and autopilot assisted ka-50. What do you like most of the two? I play in VR, so my question is also: which of the two behaves better in VR?

Holton181 04-11-2018 06:35 AM

I'm biased, almost only fly helicopters, so I definitely recommend the Huey before any fixed wing. But at the momet the Huey engine is going through som maintenance (more realistic behavior expected) and it breaks easily if not careful, the develoers are on it but no time frame has been given.
According to VR Huey pilots it's incredible in VR. Don't have it myself.

NeilWillis 04-11-2018 07:32 AM

Just decide on whether you want to fly in stand alone or steam, and stick with it.

nessuno0505 04-11-2018 07:48 AM

I've already decided for standalone, but sometimes there are steam Sales and full price on dcs site (and sometimes the opposite as well), and there are modules that can be bought on steam and activated on standalone. Unfortunately for newest modules steam politics is for a dedicated serial Number that is different from starforce used in dcs standalone modules, so you cannot use both shops. This is not ED fault or choice, It is a steam issue. It would be great if there were cross compatibility, you could take advantage of double and different Sales, but this is not the case; for uh-1h and f-5e It is!

WildBillKelsoe 04-25-2018 10:57 AM

Its a very hard choice. Since most of your things are fixed wing, I suggest the huey to your hangar. It has a nice campaign (Argo).

DowntownSIX 04-25-2018 11:05 AM

I'd say you're spot on with the F-5E being a more capable L-39. I have (and love) both but the F-5E gets more use because more speed, more weapons, more dogfights.

As an aside, the F-5E is very high quality module. I've had it a while and it's still one of my favorites.

JumpinK 04-25-2018 12:26 PM

My suggestion: Get BOTH!;)

The F-5, as DowntownSIX already mentioned, is an absolute joy to fly and a very high quality module which makes a lot of fun for many many hours!
It is also a very intuitive and easy to learn aircraft due to it's limited capabilities (just a simple radar, no BVR-weapons, no guided bombs, but sidewinders and a few rounds of ammo in the gun for some good dogfighting)
There are also very nice dlc-campaigns available for it.

A helo is a helo and the huey is an outstanding module that might really "hit" you, even if you weren't very interested in helicopters until now.
It is a very good module done in awesome quality and it's maybe the very most realistic helicopter-simulation you can run on a personal computer nowadays.
(A friend of mine who works as a helicopter-pilot has been flying the Bell 205 from "Wucher Helicopters" for some years and he tested the DCS-huey and was instantly amazed.
He said, that he had been sitting in another (professional) helicopter-simulator but in his opinion DCS seems to be better than the sim he did some trainings in. he also said, that the huey is so well modeled, that he could instantly fly it as if it was it's real life counterpart. Quote: "It's almost like having a huey parked in your own living room")

So, if you have some tokens left, just get both modules! BOTH ARE GREAT!!!:thumbup:

Quadg 04-25-2018 02:02 PM

@jumpinK +1
the huey hit me with a sucker punch...
was not expecting it at all and it was a clean knock out.
i saw stars..
in 2d
i have been flying it in VR for almost a year.
and VR was a vast improvement.
immersion gives presence. and you really need to be present when trying to fit a large helicopter into a small hole in the jungle. :)

Aviators 04-25-2018 09:40 PM

UH-1H ;)

firmek 04-25-2018 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by DowntownSIX (Post 3463396)
I'd say you're spot on with the F-5E being a more capable L-39. I have (and love) both but the F-5E gets more use because more speed, more weapons, more dogfights.

As an aside, the F-5E is very high quality module. I've had it a while and it's still one of my favorites.

Well this isn't so obvious... If you're up for a fight than F-5. On the other hand L-39 has more advanced navigation suite which makes it much more IFR capable than F-5. Weapon wise they are generally the same - dumb bombs, rockets, only IR missiles. Due to the size F-5 can take more ordinance obviously.
Anyway, if you're more for an aviation learning plane, practicing different procedures, navigation, flying IFR take the L-39 as its much more capable. Take F-5 if you want to play more of an jet fighter or in MP cold war server.
And as for UH-1H - take Mi-8 ;)

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