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jawzzy 12-15-2019 03:45 PM

JF-17 dressed as the Romanian cancelled IAR-95 project.
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Back in the seventies and eighties, Romania tried, without success, to build a supersonic fighter.
They were building, locally designed, ground attack IAR-93s, IAR-99 trainers, licence built French helicopters, a British airliner and a bunch of locally designed small civilian planes.
Armed with this experience and with strong distrust towards Soviet Union after the invasion of Czechoslovakia, they decided to build a supersonic fighter.
The project started in-1974 and went by many names, IAR-95, IAR-95 Spey, IAR-S. Many configurations have been thought out,, both single and tween engine versions.

Initially the project was supposed to use the engine from the Mig-23 (Tumansky R-29-300), but they couldn't get licence. Then they, naively, tried to buy licence for the British Spey engine, that was powering the British F-4s, but couldn't get that one either, so the project was cancelled.
Later, in 1989, right before the Revolution, they restarted the project, with the idea to use the the engine on the Mig-29 (Klimov RD-33), that just became operational in Romania.
The revolution came and the new "leaders" dismantled most of the local industry and put an end to he project. Not only did they cancelled the project, but also chopped up all the local built IAR-93's so they can buy second or third hand crap from the west, for far bribes.

Some people are saying that iar-95 blueprints were sold to China and may have in some way influenced the FC-1/ JF-17 project, but that's speculation.

Either way, the recently introduced JF-17 looks somewhat similar to the IAR-95 from some angles, and that was good enough excuse for me to make a IAR-95 skin for it. :D

Download link:

(extract into your JF-17 liveries folder)


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and my wannabe :D :









upload an image

zaelu 04-26-2020 01:49 PM


You are so oldstyle with that X45 :)

btw, Are you ok mate with this corona rahan?

jawzzy 06-09-2020 04:15 AM


Originally Posted by zaelu (Post 4306998)

You are so oldstyle with that X45 :)

Hey Zaelu! Yeah that x45 has some serious mileage. :lol:


btw, Are you ok mate with this corona rahan?
I'm fine. ...Have you seen viruses in the bottle of whiskey? :D

BTW. I just noticed they added the refueling probe, so I fixed the skin. I also cleaned up some left over Chinese markings from the roughmet.
You can re download it and replace the original.

Here's the link:




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