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jojo 10-07-2018 12:46 AM

I can’t understand why Spain didn’t get the Super 530F upgrade (night and day compared to R530) ?
But if Aviodev decided to do only Spanish variant, I can’t challenge the decision to stick to Spanish weapon load.

Mirage F1 is an interesting bird for sure. I can only hope they would expand the Mirage F1 family later. I don’t know if I would purchase it without a Super 530F capable variant ?

Kev2go 10-07-2018 02:40 AM

So im guessing there hasn't been recent news regarding the Mirage F1, aviodevs still busy finishing off the C101?

jpbordi 10-07-2018 06:36 AM

The two first mirage F1 rebuild by the ATAC,technical team, rest 59 todo.
ATAC-ACE at Fort Worth, - Texas



CEO ATAC say again, it want AESA radar for the Mirage F1 for playing agressor rules,



Stratos 10-07-2018 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by Vilab (Post 3646107)

not only the F1EQ5/6 can carry intelligent weapons, but they also get a much more modern HUD, it must increases dumb bomb accuracy quite a lot

and if the R-530 was retired, it was beacuse it was very poor for that time…. the French Mirage 3C ( early 60s ) were meant to fire it at 5km from the target, with a relative Velocity >3.2 Mach, that would approximately be a 7 sec flight time…

That's what I mean, the more weapons available the better.

jpbordi 10-13-2018 05:29 PM

New cockade


KIKE92 10-13-2018 08:14 PM

What are the differences between the F1C and the EE?

Vilab 10-13-2018 09:02 PM

page 9 ( june 2016 )


Originally Posted by JuanOscar (Post 2632195)
Regarding the version to be developed, we are studying the different options we have, based in terms of info available for us. In Spanish Air Force, 3 different versions were in service before they went to the big upgrade for the F1 fleet to the M version, were the rest of the fleet remaining in service was normalized to the M.

Before Mirage F1M we had:

Mirage F1CE: C version, coming up to 3 different tranches, in each tranche, the F1 was receiving different upgrades. Also in each tranche, instruments could be found moved to different places, making the job for pilots a little bit more difficult.

Mirage F1EE: E version, came straight from the tranche 3. EE had INS system (same as INS installed on Super Etendard), Chaff and flares system integrated, ECM capabilities, refueling probe, among another small upgrades.

Tranche 3 of CE also came with ECM capabilities throgh the Barax pod, chaff and flares inegrated ALE-40.

Both CE and EE, later on received new modern RWR ALR-300, replacing the old original BF.

Mirage F1EDA: E version ex-Qatar F1's, with cockpit distribution similar to Iraq F1EQ, having INS system, but not the same as EE, Super Matra 530 capabilities, no tacan, no chaff/flares integrated, no ECM capabilities (Not being possible to use pods available in Spanish Air Force), new HUD VE-120, among other differences.

Right now, this versions are the options we have on the table to evaluate which one should be more interesting, and EE is a real candidate, we love the way the cockpit is designed, and the functionality. We believe it could be a very interesting aircraft to develop and to fly it as well.

CR/CT, and EQ, could be also interesting options, but lot of information is required to develop an aircraft, and our info in those versions is very limited. If we were lucky we could get the flight manual, but that is not enough. We need lot of documentation, photos, videos, contact with former pilots, maintenance pople, simulator access. As much as we can get of this, the better will be the final result, and for us, it will be more easy to get on spanish versions, basically there is no other reason. CT, CZ, AZ, CR, EQ, EH would be interesting, but not more than a proper CE/EE/EDA, with the proper info to do a nice job. And take in count at the end is a french aircraft, even 90% of the cockpit was remain in french labels during the service, and manual were never translated into spanish, forcing pilots and maitenance people, to study the original language to be able to learn the aircraft.:D

All this post, could be applied to the C-101 project, and why was choosen.

jpbordi 10-14-2018 08:50 AM

Air Show Fort Worth - Texas


jpbordi 10-21-2018 01:20 PM

ATAC Team,Texas

Mirage F1 start first flight for 2019


It should be noted that the aircraft kept its French camouflage, ATAC having decided to wait for the instructions of the USAF within the framework of the future plastronnage contract "ADAIR" of which I have spoken several times. The aim is to provide equipment that will carry out some 30,000 outings per year. Currently, USAF has only two squadrons that play the role of aggressors: the 64th Aggressor Squadron in Nellis AFB and the 18th Aggressor Squadron in Eielson AFB, Alaska.

US flag and the acronym "ATAC" on the tail: a Mirage F1 was presented on October 12, in Fort Worth, during the laying of the foundation stone of the company's new maintenance center, the Adversary Center of Excellence (ACE).
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator



They build first stone for the futur maintenance center

jpbordi 10-28-2018 06:50 AM

Textron’s ATAC Unveils New F1 Mirage Fighter Jet


ATAC CEO Jeffrey Parker


In the case of the third-generation F1s, ATAC will be upgrading the onboard radars and avionics, though exact details are being kept under wraps so that competitors won’t be able to set ATAC’s F1 technical upgrades as a target to beat during the contract-bidding process.

“We’re investing hundreds of millions of dollars, not tens of millions, in our F1s to upgrade them into modern capabilities,” Parker said. “We’re taking a third-generation fighter and upgrading it electronically to a generation four or a generation 4.5 aircraft. And because the F1 is a very fast plane, it will provide today’s frontline military pilots and ship crews with very challenging and realistic training scenarios.”

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