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grafspee 04-08-2020 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by Snapage (Post 4277877)
109G6. Yes, cant wait to club some helpless G6 seals in spit 9 and P51D. :D You cant run, cant turn, cant climb or dive away mwahahaha. Easy kills

Late g-6 with mw-50

71st_AH Rob 04-08-2020 10:39 PM

Actually, the G-6 should be able to dive away, but it should not be able to climb, turn or fly as fast as the K-4 is without MW50

Snapage 04-09-2020 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by grafspee (Post 4277971)
Late g-6 with mw-50

That's called a 109G14.

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