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Fri13 11-30-2017 12:38 AM

I was fine with the Star Force itself, but not by its count of installations and uninstallations. I didn't run out any serials because I was super careful when not to activate some module and always deactivate module when possible, but I came close.

So for me the keyless system is OK as it gives me unlimited installation amount for my few computers that I might use at different places (just me so on different times) and so on improvement.

But, this "homing" thing is something similarly worrysome. But sounds still far better than now.

I expect something is behind the system that the module generates a ID of the hardware and sends it to ED server and then calls every now and then (or when possible) to ED to check that the hardware ID and the login ID matches in history and keeps going. This is so that if someone tries to copy the module/DCS to unauthorized computer, the system detects it at the moment when DCS is launched in online (requirement for multiplayer and activation) first time.

So the ED gets to generate the ID to be stored and checked and so forward. All that you really should need to do is to just use your ED account for login and everything goes fine at the background.

I can see that the real limitations right now are then that:

1) Only a single ED account can be active at the time from single IP / DCS process. So everytime connection is available, it is checked that only one active computer is running. So no "buddy flying" as two computers with same ED account can't be active.

2) You can't transfer the key (as law in many countries allows) between different accounts multiple times, like Bob > Arthur > Bob > Arthur. But you could do it once like Bob > Arthur (like law permits) once a year or so as example. I understand very well the gray market business problem ED is facing, but honest people shouldn't be penalties from those, or disallow illegal locking of software product to whole account even if user later on wants to sell it away. (And of course ED can go around this by only "renting license to service" instead selling a key to product like Valve does).

But as I wrote, looks to be an nice surprised improvement as less I need to worry about "limited installations" and I can have one of my PC off-line after first module installation, then better

Procxlite 11-30-2017 12:51 AM


Originally Posted by SiThSpAwN (Post 3305276)
4 days is what it is right now. This is new to ED as well as us. Lets see how it works and give good feedback. Nobody has any experience with it yet, so you dont know yet how it will be for you. I can imagine there are very few people now that go longer than 4 days not connected to the Internet.

I don't think the issue is that we won't be connected to the internet.

The issue is what if ED's servers go down for more than 4 days? Not saying that's ever happened, but if the possibility exists then it should be understood what will happen then.

Esac_mirmidon 11-30-2017 12:53 AM

In a world wide nuclear war we will loose our login but if everything goes like usual you dont need to worry about that.

LazerPotatoe 11-30-2017 02:12 AM

Yay! Thanks ED for working on this new protection system.

cichlidfan 11-30-2017 02:39 AM


Originally Posted by Esac_mirmidon (Post 3305852)
In a world wide nuclear war we will loose our login but if everything goes like usual you dont need to worry about that.

True, in that case I will be playing Stalker, on Steam, in offline mode. :P

Hermit713 11-30-2017 07:18 AM

Mine didn't download.

Redglyph 11-30-2017 07:40 AM

Wouldn't it be much safer if it was trying to connect each time, even in the background to avoid waiting, and registering the last successful validation, THEN have a n-day tolerance?

Otherwise, if the server is down or if an Internet connection is not available this 4th day, it means DCS is not available, correct? So in case of problem there's a 4-in-1 chance we can't access it.

I also find 4 days quite short, is there a reason why it's 4 and not larger as usual in other systems? It's not as if everyone was running DCS every day, so the 4-in-1 chance would still remain in most cases.

Johnny_Rico 11-30-2017 07:50 AM

I liked the openess of your "letter" the other day ......
But suddenly after everyone who wanted the Harrier has already paid
you announce a new copy protection system that will require it to phone home every 4 days or it still stop working

Why was this not metioned BEFORE people we able to buy this so they could make an informed decision?
seems kinda dodgy (dare I even say deceptive) to move the goal posts
surely you guys knew this was coming, it did not appear out of the blue?

Iam not a big fan of starforce, but at least once you activated a module
you could play it without having to be online

ED have stated that SP is their biggest userbase, much more than MP users.
Some of them will like me, not have internet connection for a while which
means no DCS :-(

All the modules bought so far have had
"Requires internet activation"
Which is ok, but now will it be
"requires internet connection every 4 days to work" ?
So we bought the software under one set of rules which are now going to be changed
But changed after the money has already been exchanged

I humbly urge you to re-think this new system to make it better of the end user (which will benefit ED by less complaints)

BIGNEWY 11-30-2017 09:10 AM

This system is much better, and I am glad to see it happening.

We already login to DCS and when you are online it checks with the server, when you go into your module manager it tells you what modules you can install anyway. Nothing has really changed for the end user apart from a step closer to not using starforce.

Many on this forum have spent years feeding back about how starforce is disliked, and when ED find a way of making things easier for the end users some still dislike it. Of course they can not keep everyone happy, but their software has to be protected in some way, personally for me, this is the best option.

rogonaut 11-30-2017 09:32 AM

i like it too, why would anyone bother? u just launch the game and it just workes.

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