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VH-Rock 08-11-2013 05:48 PM

The Horsemen fly DCS P-51!
Well, At Duxford's Flying Legends airshow this year, we finally got around to getting the real Horsemen to try out DCS P-51. To say they were impressed was an understatement! Ed Shipley & Dan Friedkin put the Mustang through it's paces, tried stalls, loops and compared the facts of figures of DCS to the real thing - "The accuracy is amazing". I just thought I'd share a few images of the team trying out DCS as I know a few will be interested.





skouras 08-11-2013 06:02 PM

wow thats great
thanks for sharing buddy
tell us more about it
what did they say...

gavagai 08-11-2013 06:38 PM

Awesome! Any comments about the head movement/shake in the DCS P-51?

cichlidfan 08-11-2013 06:42 PM


Originally Posted by gavagai (Post 1836901)
Awesome! Any comments about the head movement/shake in the DCS P-51?

A nickel says it was turned off! ;)

9./JG27 DavidRed 08-11-2013 06:42 PM

was there any critizism as well?
i too would like to hear there comments in more detail than, "its amazing".
off course only if there statement was more detailed :)

Double_D 08-11-2013 06:51 PM

Well endorsed by the " Horsemen "...nicely done DCS..nicely done...thanks " VH-Rock " :thumbup:

Echo38 08-11-2013 08:21 PM

You can tell by the way he's hunched forward that he's feeling the discrepancies in the zoom & FoV, as well as the differences in ergonomics. But, none of that's the fault of the sim, and is rather the fault of the sizes, shapes, and positions of the monitor and joystick (a problem that can't be solved without many thousands of dollars being expended by the simmer).

gavagai 08-11-2013 08:46 PM

Possibly. He could also just be trying to lower his head position at the top of a loop. The DCS P-51 is unique in having you fall up in your straps under negative g.

Pman 08-11-2013 08:59 PM

I spent abit of time talking to Ed and Dan after their flight, they were both very impressed. To quote Dan "you will not get much closer, unless your in my airplane"

Everything in the sim was turned on. We didnt have Track IR working as the hangar door was open and the light was interfering.

We also had Steve Hinton, Steve Hinton Jr as well as a few other pilots fly the sim and they were all very impressed.

Steve Hinton Jnr was a big fan and was talking about the sim quite alot over the course of both weekends.

They all tried things like the neg g push, wing stalling, wing buffetting and they were impressed with each and every thing they tried to catch the sim out with. What more can we say? hehe

One of the best things about the weekend was being able to speak to the real Stang pilots and compare what they thought of the sim vs the real experience.

We are back in September to meet up with some of the pilots, cant wait to see what they think then!


VH-Rock 08-11-2013 09:52 PM

From what Dan & Ed said, everything they tried matched the figures they use in the real aircraft. One small discrepancy that Dan picked up on was the sensitivity of the rudder but, other than that, no other faults were mentioned by them. There are a few differences between the Mustangs that The Horsemen use and the variant modelled in the sim. DCS represents a completely stock aircraft where as there are a few changes made to the restored mounts that The Horsemen use. To begin with, none of the real pilots that we had try the sim (other than Nick Grey) could get the aircraft started. This is because, in most modern P-51s, the rear fuselage fuel tank has been removed. The Fuel cutoff valve is then removed ("it's just something else to go wrong") and the rear fuselage tank position is used as the fuel cut off position on the fuel selector. Stevo (Steve Hinton Jnr) also noticed, when doing his pre take-off checks, that the oil pressure did not drop when he fluctuated the RPM.

Over the last few months, we have had Steve Hinton, Dan Friedkin, Ed Shipley, Stevo (Steven Hinton Jnr), Nick Grey & Matt Nightingale try out DCS P-51 at our events at Duxford - All have been thoroughly impressed by the level of detail that has been achieved by the Eagle Dynamics team. It's hard to disagree with them ;) Dan was flying for a good 15 - 20 minutes and conducted his flight in exactly the same way as he would in the real aircraft

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