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fatboy 02-07-2019 04:46 AM

Engine quits if i change tanks
I start engine on left tank as per manual take off and fly for a while and if i change to anything other than right tank it runs for a couple of seconds then fuel pressure gauge drops and then engine quits.I have done what the manual states by making sure fuel pump switch is on then select whatever tank i want and it should work yes?If i select rear tank or wing tanks the engine say's nope not happening.Am i doing something wrong?Cheers....

saburo_cz 02-07-2019 05:24 AM

If you do not change fuel quantity you have fuel only in left and righ fuel tanks after mission start, it is default setting in mission editor.
So, it is correct if your engine stops when you switch fuel selector valve in to another position except left or right fuel tank.

And bug is here with lack of fuel in external fuel tanks when you take them and empty fuselage tank when you set 100% fuel. Not sure if this bug has been solved so far.

fatboy 02-07-2019 06:46 AM

Ok thanks, I looked more into it and they are aware of the issue.The rear tank and drop tanks are empty so that's why the engine quit.No matter what i did or how much fuel i added via mission maker or by refueling at airport via ground crew they are still empty.Also if you use ground crew and add tanks and 100% fuel the ground crew does their thing and you can see left and right tanks go up and then you can hear them still refueling but nothing happens.I sat there for a good ten minutes to see if the rear tank or drop tanks filled but no joy they just keep going and going.

huppel 02-11-2019 07:42 PM

Thanks, this helped! Took a while to figure out what was going on after I decided to fire up the Mustang after some time.

Was this problem recently introduced? Cannot remember I noticed it before.
Will it be fixed?

Best Regards,


Lixma 06 02-12-2019 12:38 AM

It's been reported.


huppel 03-01-2019 03:00 PM

Saw that there is no fix yet in today's beta. Is there any idea on when we might expect a fix? I bought the Blue Nose Bastards campaign (before I knew of this problem) and it is no fun flying this with unlimited fuel...

fatboy 03-02-2019 01:58 AM

I'm not sure.My P.C Fried about 3 weeks ago and I'm stuck on this Laptop that can barely browse and email so no gaming for me until all the parts arrive.I was looking forward to buying that campaign but I'll think I'll hold off until it's fixed i think.

grafspee 03-02-2019 07:59 AM

btw why do you need drop tanks ?? in wing tanks you have enough fuel for hours of flight

352ndDeacon 03-02-2019 01:11 PM

The bug about no fuel in the drop and rear tanks has been reported many months ago and numerous times since then. ED spends time and manpower developing more half baked modules to sell rather than fixing reported bugs with their "beta" versions that they've already sold us.
When you report a bug, they remind you that "it's a work in progress" but it never gets fixed.

Slippery Pete 03-10-2019 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by grafspee (Post 3819139)
btw why do you need drop tanks ?? in wing tanks you have enough fuel for hours of flight

Because it breaks the immersion when we can't even load the aft tank at all to simulate the full internal load, let alone the added wing tanks, of one of the longest ranged single engine fighters of the war.

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