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Gwalker99 11-03-2019 06:53 AM

Harrier worth half off?
thanks for opinion...

Bagpipe 11-03-2019 06:59 AM


theOden 11-03-2019 08:31 AM

I guess ED forums is last place you should use for that question.
Unless, you're actually not interested in the answer but rather looking for confirmations.

viper2097 11-03-2019 09:03 AM

Take a look in this sub-forum, take a look at bug reports, how they are handled and since when they are reported and how long the Harrier is already in EA. Build your own opinion about the devs and then make a decision.
Everything else will always be subjective and not objective.

norbot 11-03-2019 09:21 AM

If you're expecting a perfect module, you shouldn't consider buying it. There are still many more or less important bugs. But after all, it's still "early access" even if that is already for a long time. If you can live with those bugs and just want to fly around with the Harrier, without every system working accurately, it's a lot of fun. VTOL alone already is fun. I personally don't regret that I have bought it. But most of the time I'm flying the A-10C and the Harrier is a welcome alternative. What other VTOL alternative do we have? I suppose the F-35B won't be available in DCS during the next few decades, so there's not much of an alternative if you want to try a VTOL airplane.

twicedead 11-03-2019 11:54 AM

I bought the Harrier at the start of this sale and have been having a blast with it. I rarely if ever touch Air to Air in DCS, always mud moving, and I think the Harrier is perfect for me:
  • The V/STOL capabilities and operating from the Tarawa is unique and challenging.
  • The built in DMT (targeting sensor thingy) is cool and gives you options if you want to skip a targeting pod for various scenarios.
  • Unique (for DCS) weapons like the Sidearm anti radiation missile and laser guided Echo maverick. The echo maverick is really interesting to use as a stand off weapon.
  • High quality 3D meshes and textures.
  • Other unique features like FLIR overlay on the HUD for night operations (I know it's slightly misaligned due ta bug or otherwise, but it's still cool and useful for target aquisition).
Great fun. And I haven't ran into any showstopper bugs. My other go to aircraft is the Mirage, so I'd say I'm very happy with Razbam overall.

Being a 3rd party developer to DCS is basically operating in a niche within a niche within a niche, and given that development of these modules often take place parallell to another, full time job, I'm very happy with the results.

But as mentioned above, you might still want to check the bug report forum just to see if there is some specific aspect of the aircraft that you plan on using a lot that has issues.

I also recommend Red Kite's videos on the Harrier on YouTube for getting a feel for the systems: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...mCEqY5XIdbfPxu

aceviper 11-03-2019 12:44 PM

Its a blast...well worth a place in your hanger.

ps wish the hornets color display was as legible as the av8na

Ramsay 11-03-2019 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by Gwalker99 (Post 4096091)
thanks for opinion...

"[Is the] Harrier worth half off?"


It has a better than expected flight model and is fairly accurate to the available NATOPS manuals, when you get into system details i.e. MFD sub pages, AWLS, etc. there's some differences and compromises for DCS that may make you switch to the detailed A-10C for it's more advanced features, however I've no regrets buying the AV-8B.

viper2097 11-03-2019 03:59 PM

DMT is cool but can't be used with a ministick (bug).
F-18 (and F-16) also have Harms an echo Mavericks.
FLIR will also come to F-16 & 18. Function to align it is missing since ever...

There are a lot "showstopper" bugs, if you haven't run into one, you are not flying it long enough.

MrDieing 11-03-2019 04:05 PM

It is worth half off, yes. There are issues and room for improvement, but its not as doomsday as some people like to make it look. There are postive things about it aswell, which twicedead has summed up very nicely.

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