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dimitriov 03-14-2019 08:37 PM


FRENCHPACK VERSION 3 AVAILABLE HERE : https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=255035

To install : Unzip the archive, take the folder which is inside it called "Frenchpack" and copy paste it in your SAVED GAMES/DCS WORLD OPEN BETA/Mods/tech folder. If Mods/tech folder don't exist, create them with the exact same writing

Hi everybody, ;)

It is a great pleasure for the FrenchPack Team to bring you the Version 0.2 of the French vehicle Pack for DCS World.

Version 0.2 contains no less than 17 vehicles coming from the French forces, entirely combined Arms ready, and whose specifications fit at the best the original gear.

Playing combined arms or simply missionmaking, you’ll now have at your disposal the capacity to deploy a fully coherent armored group, ranging from heavy armor to anti-aircraft system, anti-tank system, and logistic.


The little new ones ! !


The AMX-10RCR !



Both available in its classic and SEPAR version, which features an IR jammer pod EIREL and additionnal armor kit, the AMX-10RCR est the key model of this update. Featuring a 105 mm canon able to shoot both kinetic penetrator shells and explosives ones (respectively 30 and 12), a 7.62 coaxial MG, and thermal imagery on both the gunner and the commander sight, the AMX-10RCR will get everyone quiet down there. Mounted on a relatively light hull, although the SEPAR version is quite close from the AMX-30, it uses a "tracks-like" steering allowing it to turn in place, and to reach 85 km/h for the RCR and 75 km/h for the SEPAR. You wanted armed recon, here it is !

Artillery is finally here !



With the MO120RT, the french deployment now carries a nice artillery punch capability, up to 15 km in range. Coming in two versions, static and carried by a VAB, its 120 mm shells effect is quite close from 155 mm ones. Lower your head !





The 53T2 canon, which is the static equivalent to the 20 mm already featuring the VAB T20/13, too arrives on DCS. With a range up to 1500 to 2000 m, it can shoot both 20 mm explosif or AP. It too can be carried on the TRM2000 truck.


Logistics !



Yay !

The TRM2000 seen above is to declined in an infantry version, and a fuel one, to allow you to rearm your troops on the battlefield (not too close from it still, they are very durable)


CREDITS for the V0.2

AMX-10RCR, AMX-10RCR SEPAR, modifications, update of models provided by other teams : Dimitriov/White-Sky

The Team OFRP from ArmA III for having very nicely provided their original models for the TRM2000, the MO120 RT, and the 53T2. (Graphically overhauled for this pack).

EMS_JO for his informations, although I wasn't able to put everything.


Changelog général :

- Added VAB 120 mm Mortar
- Added TRM2000
- Added TRM2000 with 53T2
- Added TRM2000 fuel
- Added 53T2
- Added 120 mm mortar
- Added thermal imagery for ERC-90D
- Added LODs for ERC-90D and VAB family
- Fixed VBL not appearing correctly
- Fixed VAB Mephisto direction issue
- Fixed VAB 3D model light issues
- Added custom engine sounds to ERC-90 and VAB family
- Loads of tweaks and fixes


Content already featured in V0.11


The AMX-30B2


You always dreamt about rolling on your enemies while shooting everywhere ? The AMX-30B2 should fit you well. With its high pressure 105 mm canon, it is able to neutralize a T-72 tank up to 2500 m thanks to its kinetic penetrator (OFL) flying above 1500 m/sec. But it doesn’t mean that it forgets lighter targets. Having explosive shells, a 20 mm coaxial canon whose elevation is independant from the main gun, as well as a roof mounted 7.62, the AMX-30B2 is the master piece of the battleground, allowing a rapid and deadly fire on the opponent.


The ERC-90



Because recon can sometimes be boring, because you don’t envisage to cross the whole Middle East in a shitty car, the Armée de Terre is proud to bring to you the ERC-90D F4. True heir of the colonial cavalry, it is both quick, light, and carries a huge firepower thanks to its 90 mm canon which shoots a kinetic round able to get through 320 mm of steel from 2000 m, allowing it to destroy any tank up to the T-55 below this range. Still, beware of the recoil ! The ERC-90 only weighs 9 tons, and so is fast and maneuverable, being able to reach a top speed of 110 km/h on road.





Who said that you needed a tank to kill other tanks ? With the VAB MEPHISTO, you’ll have at your disposal a rolling turret which, unfortunately for the bastard who’s facing you, is able to fire up to 4 HOT2 missiles, making it virtually able to kill any tank on the battlefield. Still, beware, as long as guiding those missiles will need a real expertise. Like all VAB except the VIB, it is amphibious, and should be used in couple with the VIB T20/13.


The VIB T20/13


You’re the kind of people who shoots before speaking, enjoying the bloody spectacle of burning villages ? You feel a deep and sadistic pleasure in ambushing helicopters ? You like making suffer ? You like suffer ? The VIB is made for you ! Featuring a 20 canon made by Nexter, the VIB purpose is to ensure an heavy fire support on the battlefield, working in pair with the VAB MEPHISTO. His canon uses two types of ammunition : explosive and penetrating, granting you the ability to destroy most light armored vehicles met on the battlefield. Its anti-helicopter capacity will be a precious help for your heavier units.


The VAB .50 and the VAB.



Basic versions of the previous vehicles, their purpose is to bring both a light fire support and to bring infantry on site. The classic VAB too features for DCS a logistic capacity allowing it to rearm all the other vehicles. No more will you be left you and your regiment with only one waters. No more. Promise.


The VBL family


Yes. I know. Everything needs a beginning, including 3D. The VBL is the Hummer of the rich ! the La Ferrari of the private ! The coffin of the … Heum… Well.

The VBL is a light vehicle capable of ensuring light recon and troop transport on the battlefield. Coming in unarmed logistic variant, AANF 7.62 variant, and cal.50 variant, it is the basic car you’ve ever dreamt of when it comes to kick talibans asses.






Contain your tears ! I know you were expecting him ! It’s a pleasure for us to deliver you the first authentic plane tractor simulator on DCS World ! Still without the tracting part but hey… You can… Roll with it ! Up to 35 km/h. And you can crush others player’s planes with it ! You can even act like as a real French and cause a strike on the base with it !


Aaaand it’s not yet over ! Soon other iconic vehicles will come on the sim ! You always dreamt of retreating like a boss, having a reverse speed equal to the forward one ? The AMX-10RCR will be for you ! You’re a more sneaky bastard whose sole pleasure is to kill your teammates ? AMX Roland ! You like the authenticity of a real, combat proven, colonial vehicle ? AML-90 ! You spend your nights dreaming of having a bigger one than your girlfriend’s previous dude ? AUF1 and Caesar ! And then. Then, flying things which sound very… Feline.

Wishing you all the best and good flights !

The FrenchPack Team.

Credits :

AMX-30B2 and glorious TRACMA : Chewme and Robin Hood.
ERC-90, VAB and VBL : Dimitriov

Many thanks to :

The 2nd-ffs
The 131st Death Vipers
EMS_JO (jo)
borchi_2b from Polychop Simulations.

Download link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pox...ew?usp=sharing

Pack updates, addition, replacement or suppression of models in the pack will not cause any harm to your former missions, so don't worry about compatibility from one mission to the other.



Follow us and report bugs on Discord : https://discord.gg/fmNYkA

Rudel_chw 03-14-2019 09:21 PM

Thanks ... its really nice to have more vehicles to use on our missions .. I specially liked the Renault Truck :)

Sirius 03-14-2019 10:37 PM

I have been left speechless. You guys are excellent at bringing the community new additions in ground tech for us! Now I am very much looking forward. :thumbup:

sushy73 03-15-2019 04:33 PM

Thank you very much guys!!!
A great addition for the virtual french forces

BaD CrC 03-15-2019 11:34 PM

Amazing work Dimi! Thanks!

dresoccer4 03-18-2019 07:48 PM

quick question, can we use these vehicles with american forces as well?

ex81 03-18-2019 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by dresoccer4 (Post 3846329)
quick question, can we use these vehicles with american forces as well?

Yes, of course... but those Yankees will need to join a language course :lol: :megalol:

dresoccer4 03-18-2019 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by ex81 (Post 3846439)
Yes, of course... but those Yankees will need to join a language course :lol: :megalol:


ex81 03-18-2019 09:00 PM

You`re welcome !

33-DFTC 03-19-2019 05:28 PM

Well I am a bit late to the party and just discovered this new mod. It seems truly amazing and went right away to download it. Unfortunately there's no readme.txt with the actual steps to install it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !

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