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NineLine 10-06-2014 05:21 PM

Word from EvilBivol-1 on delays and such
For those of you that missed it:


Originally Posted by EvilBivol-1 (Post 2199723)
Just want to chip in here quickly. We indeed built up some ground to make up and we do see the signs of frustration. We will not leave any of our products "hanging" with major incomplete features. By major features I mean whole elements like training missions and manuals. These will be completed and updated where necessary. Some code features like AI gunners, sling loads or engine overheat are by their nature more fluid and difficult to pin down, but still I believe we will accomplish all of our goals and planned features. Ultimately our stake is in producing quality products and even if with some growing pains, we will work to meet the standards we set for ourselves and we know you expect of us.

This year has turned out particularly challenging in that we ended up falling behind on some key features while making unusually quick progress on developing numerous technologies, modules, and projects. On the one hand it's very exciting to see DCS technology and product variety develop at this faster pace, on the other hand it further extended our deficit. We are making adjustments (for example now have more hired staff to work on document translation) and will complete everything we set out to.

From here:

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