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Paveway101 10-16-2018 06:44 PM

F-5E Maverick capability
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After finding out that the F-5E does have the capability to fire AGM-65s I also found out that BST doesn't have the documentation needed to replicate and model the system. I know that the required radar model would be the AN/APQ-159(V)1 and therefore the F-5E-1.

I haven't found the documentation required but I came across this picture on the forums

Attachment 196089

The weapons selection knob shows a position for AGM-65 and the pylon stations have green lights below (most likely to indicate weapon status). In addition there is a new knob on the top right of the radar display (most likely to choose between TV display mode and radar mode).

I know this isn't official documentation, but I was wondering if it's enough to start speculating and possibly model the system.

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