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AKA_Recon 08-12-2018 01:37 AM

Bombing Technique?
I have developed a bad habit in past sims of coming in low to bomb with bomb delays/fuses so I'm struggling with it now.

Anyone have any advice on a technique that works for them ?


Sniper175 08-12-2018 03:53 AM


this seems to work well

aka CROM

Holbeach 08-12-2018 01:12 PM

Apart from Bunyaps profile, I've been using one from 73 Squadron, (Italy/Balkans) 1944.

4/6 aircraft.

Approach target at 10,000' AGL and run it along port cannon until it emerges behind wing.
Pull up and roll onto target will give a 60 deg dive.

Release bombs, (2 x 250 or 2 x 250 + 1 x 500 lb) at 4,000' AGL.

If flak is heavy, dive to ground to escape. Go strafe.
If flak is light, zoom to altitude and provide top cover.

I've been using a bridge with approaching convoy, to practice bombing and strafing. Return to base. Rearm.


philstyle 08-12-2018 01:56 PM

Hey recon, Bunyap's posted technique works pretty well.

AKA_Recon 08-13-2018 03:55 AM


Hunter Joker 05-15-2019 06:53 AM


Originally Posted by philstyle (Post 3594585)
Hey recon, Bunyap's posted technique works pretty well.

Hi Phil, one question, when You release the bomb, where in the pipper the target must be?
If I release the bomb with the target in the center of the pipper 9 times on 10 the bomb go short....
There's a sweet spot? We must let the target disapper under the nose as in the 109?

philstyle 05-15-2019 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by Hunter Joker (Post 3911249)
Hi Phil, one question, when You release the bomb, where in the pipper the target must be?

I don't use the pipper. The pipper can move around too much depending on your view. If you adjust your view up and down like I do, then it will be in a different place every time.

There are too many factors that can influence the bomb by 20 to 50m anyways - a tiny touch of rudder, some wind etc...

Just get the target in the middle of the forward view somewhere, maybe just above the engine cowling and release.
This is primarily an air-to-air platform anyways.

DD_Fenrir 05-15-2019 09:29 AM


the approach to the target is made at an airspeed of 220 - 230 mph managing the aircraft so the final alignment with the target is directly into the wind.
I can't begin to stress how important the bolded part is as the direction and strength of wind makes a MASSIVE difference as to where your bombs will fall in relation to where your gunsight is pointing in DCS.

I have a mission with a moderate ~10mph wind in. Following Bunyaps method if I make my attack pass into wind I have to release when the target is beneath my nose in an approximate line with the fuel filler cap on the top of the cowling, as I pull-out.

If I attack downwind I have to use the gunsight and hold the pipper about 5-10 ft SHORT of the target and release before I commence the pull-out.

In both cases I aim to release at 2500-3000ft above target altitude.

The key is to try to make every attack run as consistent as possible;

Aim for the same dive angle, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Slip needle has to be absolutely centred on release - pre-trim the aircraft with some left rudder bias before you commence the dive and correct all the way down.

Release altitude needs to be consistent every time.

Throttle to idle on dive run.

If you can nail these and get a carbon copy approach on every attack then you can reliably predict where your bomb(s) will land and you'll find the reference points to know how to position the aircraft to consistently hit the same area. After that the only factors you have to adjust for are the wind and target altitude.

If you don't, every change is another variance that adds to your inaccuracy.

grafspee 05-15-2019 10:52 AM

1. Fit fully feathering prop
2. climb to 40k ft
3. start dive at 45 degree
4. reach 0.92 mach
5. drop bombs
6. Lose propeler
7.Black out becouse sudden pitch up
8. regain consciousness at 40k ft realise that your wings are bend a little more then ussual
9. mission complete
i think spitfire holds speed record for piston prop planes about 690mph (0.96mach)

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