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3mta3 08-11-2019 03:46 PM

I played it SP and hosted for some of the BuDs group to play. I really enjoyed it. The comments from the others were to lose the center tank of the F15 loadout. And I’m not sure how you are getting the carrier spawns to auto launch but I don't really like that (I do like the hot starts though, I often don’t have time to do the whole startup. Have to quick hit U so I can take a moment to change my load out and figure out where I’m going before I launch. Maybe add some additional ground based F14’s F18’s. I also moved the time back a few hours so we had more time to fly before it got dark. Anyway fun mission thanks !

Scotch75 08-11-2019 04:27 PM

Willing to give this a go over the next few days. Do I need to add those scripts mentioned in above posts or are they already included in the User Files download?


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IlludiumQ36 08-11-2019 08:45 PM

My personal observations after playing 3 different scenarios:

A very challenging mission for purely single player in the F/A-18 in air-to-ground. Extremely difficult to penetrate air defenses even with SEAD support. HARMs get knocked out of the sky pretty easily by the network. Even on some of the missions outside of the concentrated MR/LR SAM networks(Bandar-e-Jask, for example), SA-15 TOR's defend the primary assets and SEAD support doesn't engage them effectively, often turning and burning before being shot down.

Without a TGP(running stable release) to identify targets, JDAM's and JSOWS can't be utilized here as there is no target location/elevation data for the individual assets. Only a grid reference and an AO LAT/LONG (no elevation) is provided.

Single player limitations aside, a very well designed mission and much fun to play. Very skillful use of MOOSE in combination with the advanced functions of the Mission Editor. It's a mission definitely more conducive to cooperative play with a mix of aircraft each performing different roles(maybe an A-10C performing FAC and passing coordinates to Hornets for JSOWs), yet still engaging for solo romps. Looking forward to playing this more with the Hornet when the TGP hits stable.

Also, Warthog pilots would appreciate the A-10's starting from Khasab instead of Ras Al Khaimah further south. Don't make the slowest plane fly the longest distance. First thing I changed in the ME.

Surrexen 08-12-2019 12:17 AM

Some good feedback here guys thanks!

I will see what I can do about adding target elevation data to the target report. I will also see what I can do about moving the A-10's to Khasab. I will remove the centreline fuel tank from the F-15's loadout.

Yes I'm aware the AI flights are not Top Gun graduates. They seem to do fine under most circumstances, but when being sent into Havadarya/Bandar Abbas they do struggle a bit. That said I've had times where they do manage to knock out the SAM radars and open up those sectors ... sometimes it takes them a couple of SEAD flights into those sectors to get the job done.

Edit: Target Elevation has been added to the Target Report and will be in the next version

Surrexen 08-12-2019 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by Scotch75 (Post 4005684)
Willing to give this a go over the next few days. Do I need to add those scripts mentioned in above posts or are they already included in the User Files download?


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You don't need to add anything. I will look into adding the Airboss in a later version when I can test it properly. I'd suggest using the 'real' version.

Surrexen 08-12-2019 05:43 AM

Version 101 is now up.


- Minab Dam - One of the AAA emplacements was under a tree. Fixed.
- Target Elevation added to the Target Report
- F-15C Sharjah Centreline fuel tank removed from loadouts
- F-15C CAP AI flights Centreline fuel tank removed from loadouts
- RTB on Bingo Fuel added to all AI support flight paths

Shadow.D. 08-12-2019 05:40 PM


There is problem with Airboss version. First time you select slot and spawn in cockpit Airboss is not correctly initialized. F10 Airboss menu is empty. To fix this I had to reselect different slot and back.

Indeed this is a DCS limitation, if playing in SP, the mission needs to start before you select a slot. Its to do with the way DCS handles client menus and hasnt been fixed for years.

tn_prvteye 08-13-2019 04:22 PM

Having a good time with this one so far. One quick question: I've modified the Russian Flights to be Iranian (and use only Iranian types)...as long as I don't change the Group name, will there be any issues?

Surrexen 08-14-2019 01:51 PM

Ok so version 102 is now up. I found a big problem with the pinpoint strike missions where after their bomb run the planes would totally forget their flight plan and crash into the ground. This has been corrected. Larak Island has been added as a sector for AI support call-ins.

Anti-Shipping strikes will be next.

Surrexen 08-16-2019 07:48 AM

Version 103 is now up, which should be it for a while.

- Anti-Shipping Strikes have been added, Viggens only at this point due to some issues with AI using Harpoons.
- Adjustments to AI flight paths so they don't 'over fly' the target as much
- Fixed Radio Menus

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