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Hueyman 06-15-2019 11:03 PM

Helicopter Improved H.E.S.L.O - VRLL
Hi ladies and gentlemen :smartass: !

Today I’d like to discuss a subject that I’m particularly into : H.E.S.L.O, standing for Helicopter External Sling Load Operation.

I’m an actual active Pilot and for my next career move I look forward to start lifting all kinds of stuff, with the help of the Helicopter. I know what DCS acronyms stands for, yet today it’s not an absolute truth anymore, we saw various trainers, both military or civilians, as well as a fully challenging civilian campaign ( Oilfield.... ) and theatres like Strait of Hormuz or Nevada are really the ideal playground for Aerial Work Helicopter Operations.

What I’m looking for is a new effort from the developers to improve the gameplay and ergonomic, as well as flexibility of the current, already very advanced and realistic, external load engine.

Factually, here is what we have now :

- Ability to hook a load on the ground, or by hovering over it

- The help of the crew chief giving instruction to place properly

- The accurate simulation and behavior of each load according to it’s shape, weight, aerodynamic properties …

- Relative position helper

Current DCS implementation of H.E.S.L.O : short line, attached by ground personnel on the Heli hook

Now, here is my request : a complete suite of features to develop to fulfill a promising side of DCS : Civilian Simulation in Aerial Work ( they developed the GNS 430 Garmin system which is not used by combat aircraft for instance )

Such features would include :

- Increased maximum sling length ( up to 200 ft Long Line )

- More finely tuned ( flight dynamics ) with a wider range of loads

- Dedicated equipment : bubble windows, left PIC variant, door mounted engine gauges, several hooks ( cargo sling, cargo swing for more dampening of pendulum effect … )

- The choice to choose between “ Military/Lazy ” way of hooking, from the load/sling end hook to the helicopter hook, and the “ Civilian ” hardcore way, with the sling “ constantly ” mounted on the helicopter, and the end hook to place on the load to hook.

- The creation of an “ helper ” or load master, who is the guy on the ground receiving the hook from our careful approach to make it’s final course from hanging down to actually hooked on the load ( requires very high accuracy, within 2m radius of the load )

- The creation of bambi bucket physics and gameplay, simulation of containing fluid, releasing it ( and associated change of behavior of the empty bambi ) and obviously implementation of fire suppression features but that’s a complete another story and would require ED to actually simulate a new element, the Fire, it’s propagation with winds, height, humidity etc … way out of the scope I’m afraid.

- The option to choose, like weapons or stores on the re-arm and refuel popup, mirrors ( working ones ) which, like in real life can be electrically adjusted with cyclic hat switches. This to be able to do the other technic than VRLL ( Vertical Reference Long Line, very nice article on our friends at Helisimmer : https://www.helisimmer.com/articles/...ence-long-line ) which is Cargo Mirrors ( easier for short line ).

Bubble window kit for the 205/UH-1 and floor window on the AS350 allows VRLL operations. Top left sketch courtesy of Joe HUDSON for www.helisimmer.com

From my point of view, all of this would require a serious amount of work to be done correctly, but it would open a new dimension and a true added value for real crew training. On top of that, it’s a very challenging and rewarding activity that has nothing to be jealous of blowing things up. It would open up brand new possibilities in the pure style of DCS hardcore and very realistic approach of simulating an Aviation World :

- Enhanced external load operation

- Precision construction work ( moving drills, big bag for large construction site, power lines )

- The first tool that, in conjunction with VR, will actually be useful for real crew training with various scenarios/weather conditions

- A good way to explore a new and bit unknown side of rotary wing use in the simulation world of Aircraft

- A very challenging new style of flying which one will never get bored of cause it requires so much dedication and no loads behaves the same, or different works requires different skill sets ( short line/long line, VRLL/mirror techniques )

- The possibility to extend further on the civilian simulation which is not less interesting than the military one ( firefighting could even be a developing subject with teamwork and communication with ground personnel )

- Actual use of currently useless Mi-8 hoist for SAR/CSAR and/or fast rope insertion of Spetsnaz on roofs, moving ships etc

Various Long Lining work : Construction, concrete, Powerlines, resupply of tight enclosed locations ...

We already have the perfect tools with the Mi-8 and Bell 205, now let's be inventive ...

And because an image worth thousands words and a video worth a thousands images :


I would see this as a DLC like the GNS 430 and would be ready to pay for that.

Now, would you be ready to do so and to get into a new adventure ?

I’d also like to know what the Belsimtek team thinks about that.



JLX 06-16-2019 03:35 AM

This would be a dream come true for helo enthusiasts but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk

Hueyman 07-16-2019 07:06 AM

Wow, impressed by the lack of interest :joystick:

Would have liked to have more real world use to this magnificient tool ..

Rick50 07-16-2019 08:18 AM

wow... this would be adding up to a nice challenge! I like it!

Hueyman 02-29-2020 06:15 PM

ED, could it be an added feature in order to raise interest in DCS rotaries ? X-Plane has already a great community of Virtual Aerial Work Pilots but, within the DCS Wolrd, this would really be interesting in fully civilian campaings in the 205 and Mi-8 in mountainous or urban areas for constructions, air co placing etc ...

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