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Vic 04-04-2020 01:57 PM

Just got Huey
Just got the UH-1H and man do I got a lot to learn!
Looking thru the skins and I thought there would be a lot more Vietnam skins. The ones I saw were cool.
I made one just for fun. It's not historically accurate, it's a mix of the 117th and 1st Cav
It was fun to make.


Space Cadet 04-04-2020 02:35 PM

Hi Vic, if you like flying helicopters have a look at our recruitment page below. We welcome members of all skill levels from all over the globe.
Have an outstanding day mate.


Vic 04-06-2020 07:29 PM

Ha ha thanks for the offer SC. Still got a lot to learn. Not till I can land on that ship. Dam that VRS
Still making textures though.

Dust Off

CHPL 04-07-2020 07:27 AM

I love your textures! They look so used and dirty.

Do you have them available for download?

Vic 04-09-2020 02:54 AM

Hey thanks! I'll have to figure out how to do that. One important thing is you have to use ams999's file called "ab-212_lods_json" To get rid of all shine on Vietnam chopper textures. They need to be dead flat no shine.

Made Huey pilot a Fu-Man-Chu Mustache so he looked more Vietnam era haha

Eight Ball 04-09-2020 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by Vic (Post 4278832)
Hey thanks! I'll have to figure out how to do that

You mean uploading it?
You can use the DCS Userfiles site:

Vic 04-09-2020 06:03 PM

Yeah I see that now on the user files page. Looks easy enough. Still want to tune the textures up a little bit, gonna darken the helmets up a little. Take a few more screen shots.

Also does anyone know what file tells the game what helmet each different crew member wares?
Maybe this is not possible. But some .lua has to tell what textures to use for the gunners.
Would like to put different helmet graffiti on different crew members. Would be cool.

Also starting to learn that when you lower the collective you pull back on the cyclitic that helps you stop faster and lower altitude without going into VRS

Vic 04-12-2020 01:20 PM

The more I fly the Huey around. I need to see some rice paddies LOL would be cool!

Do you think DCS could put some rice paddies in the Marianas islands map?

Raisuli 04-13-2020 03:25 AM

One of these days I might come out as a closet rotorhead. Still like burning holes in the sky in a fast-mover, but learning how to hover and land is turning into a hobby. My odds of surviving a landing in the Huey are going up; still have trouble with a steady hover, and I land...somewhere...eventually...

Landings are very precise on a continental scale. Why yes, I did land in North America; why do you ask?

Wakeshift 04-13-2020 06:25 PM

... because you started at Kobuleti? hahahahaha

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