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Pilotasso 12-17-2017 09:36 PM

So, this years Star wars movie. Spoilers are a thing in here.
went to see Episode 8 yesterday. I have mixed feelings about it.

It could have cemented the franchise on this side of the millennium with a great memorable movie. So much potential there with a few changes.

I'll begin by saying: Disney please stop pretending this is game of thrones in space! :D

Because the part of Rey's/Luke's story arch was absolutely brilliant, the other arch was undermined by secondary characters that contributed little to the richness of the story. The sudden deaths managed not to engage the audience because we never had time to really know them (hence my reference to game of thrones). nor did their sacrifice advance to anyone's collective good in that movie.



Chewie roasts a porg and slaps another one. HAHAHAHAHAH I was about to mention Porg BBQ whenever anyone wold mention this movie. :lol: It's like they read my mind.

Rey continues to be the best developing and engaging character by FAR.

Kylo was less of a problem Justin Bieber in space this time around.

Luke was a BOSS OMG. His journey in the saga ended with the perfect circle closure.

The fight scene with Rey and Kylo was AWSOME. which leads me to:

Snoke was so easily snuffed out of the movie before his motivations were known or who he was. Really Disney? :(

Theres is doubt that Rey should ever team up with Kylo on any part of the movie after Solo's brutal death in episode VII. Rey mentions this at least twice in the movie and I think the tease of a possible redemption was not going to fly. It was kinda of a thorn on my side but thankfully his ultimate motivations were to seize power only.

Kylo simply tells Rey her parets died in a dicth somehere and that matter was closed just like that. What? :huh:

What is general Holdo Doing there? her hesitation caused more deaths than the villains own actions and they owe her ALOT for the favor. It should have been Princess Leia to drive that spectacular kamikaze run and end her participation in the saga without plot holes in episode 9.

Finn is a clown he simply was not in tune with the dark theme of the movie. Rose is a clickbait for the asian cinema market, Disney gave nothing to her role but a superficial one and I was not sorry when she died. Barely knew her (sorry but its how I see it).

The whole casino planet arch was messy. If DJ had already a key to the prisons doors and a ship to escape why would he need to wait for Finn and Rose? The later two should have hired him on a criminal derelict enviroment. It would have given their participation a more meaningful one.

Is Phasma dead already? wow what a weak role. She lasted 2 minutes on screen (if that much) and thats it. Only Hux and Kylo are left and hux is annoying as hell.

They should have filmed Ford and fisher's episode 7 and 8 scenes at the same time in 2015 so that ford gets his wish to die, but alongside Fisher in that kamikaze run before snokes ship could pick the survivors one by one like it did.

Speaking of her. She can fly in space on her own??? She went to heaven but that scene has had me cringe badly... She should have replaced Holdo's role.

Too many jokes. Empire strikes back was dark enough with the proper amount of comical relief.

mvsgas 12-18-2017 02:46 PM

To me, it was a bad version of Empire Strikes Back, non of the new characters mattered and seem force in. I spend most of the movie think: "WTF, really?" repeatedly. I can't wait for Honest trailers or HSIHE to make a video about this movie. It should be funny.

- What was the point of ray going to get trained by Luke, she got no training
- Was was the point of the Jedi text? no purpose (I did see them in the Millennium Falcon).
- Bomber scene, ridiculous.
- Leia was dead, cool then she come in flying? Why?
- Snoke; How did he manage to become "Supreme Leader"? he got kill by an emo douche that got bested by an untrained force sensitive person (which a how different discussion)
- Benicio del Toro that whole sequence could have been removed, that was a force Lando Calrissina.
- The guys that tasted the ground to let us know it was not snow...who the hell tastes the ground?
- The chase, the freaking space ship chase...Are you serious?!
Many more things that I was just WTF, really?

Lixma 06 12-18-2017 03:01 PM

It was a dark day when the term 'franchise' ceased being a derogatory term.

MegOhm_SD 12-18-2017 04:58 PM

Geeze. I should not have read this before seeing the movie.

All the air has escaped the balloon...

Pilotasso 12-18-2017 07:39 PM

I warned about spoilers didnt I? :D

MegOhm_SD 12-19-2017 02:00 AM


Originally Posted by Pilotasso (Post 3329362)
I warned about spoilers didnt I? :D

Not really since the full title doesnt show until you come in and I generally do not read them inside the thread lol
No big deal, I’ ll still see it and decide for myself as Usual as I never like movies the critics like. And I always like the movies critics hate. Go figure.

Pilotasso 12-19-2017 10:38 AM

They don't know how to make movies anymore but the people who watch them are to blame also, critics are just an extension of that idiocy. I came into the theater thinking it was the best sw movie, but contrary to the reviews I think rogue one was the best on this side of the century.

Riverseeker 12-19-2017 10:40 AM



Reflected 12-19-2017 11:05 AM

Is it the one when Luke learns that Vader is his daddy? :joystick: :D

Axelerator 12-19-2017 02:42 PM

The new trilogy is clearly not the offspring of George Lucas. Those days are gonne. Commercial crap, that's all it is now. :noexpression:

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