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Satarosa 08-15-2018 07:16 PM

DCS INTERCOMMUNITY EVENT: Real War - Operation White Blade

Friday 17 August 2018, 20h30 (GMT +2)


Team Speak: 51escadrongriffon.com

Armed conflict on the map Caucasus, NATO countries attack USSR from the west ..
The goal of the game is to accomplish 2 strategic objectives in maximun 3 hours to win.

Aircrafts of period 1987, map with limited planes, ground units and ammo, for realistic and tactical game. You can check the economy and number of available planes of a airport before flight. For this using the spectator mode, put the map view and click to an airport icon, then check the ressources menu!

The Map is completely random at each new game. The units are placed with a logical and realistic insertion system. All units are present, you have absolutely everything, which allows you to leave for any type of mission!


USA in Senaki-Kolki HQ Airports / Quantity of playable aircrafts:
6x A-10A
4x AV-8B N/A
6x F-15C
6x F/A-18C
2x Hawk T1A
1x UH-1H

Norway, Italy, France in Kutaisi Airport.
12x F-5E-3
6x M-2000C
2x SA342L
4x SA342M
1x SA342Mistral
4x UH-1H

E-3A "Wizard" > 225 MHz AM

KC-130 "Shell" > 130 MHz AM > TACAN 13Y



Russia in Tbilissi-Lochini HQ Airport / Quantity of playable aircrafts:
1x Mi-8MTV2
14x MiG-29A
6x SU-25
8x SU-27
1x Yak-52

Bulgaria, Georgia, Croatia in Vaziani Airport / Quantity of playable aircrafts:
2x L-39ZA
6x MiG-21bis
6x SU-25
2x UH-1H

FARP "Varsovie" > 128 MHz AM / Quantity of playable aircrafts:
4x Ka-50
4x Mi-8MTV2

A-50 "50" > 155 MHz AM

SAR HOMING > 114.166 MHz AM

Real War Trailer:


Real War Missions more infos:

English: http://51escadrongriffon.com/index.p...ns/real-war-en

Français: http://51escadrongriffon.com/index.p...ns/real-war-fr

Welcome for all community of DCS WORLD !

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