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100KIAP_Falcon 12-02-2019 07:09 PM

100KIAP - Recuitment open for Flanker pilots
100KIAP Virtual Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment


The Regiment was founded on 19-Dec-2017. Our pilots train and fly competitively and exclusively the Su-33 DCS module. After decade long history in established regiment flying the Su-27, 100KIAP now operating from Admiral Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier. In other words we provide interesting challenge for DCS World multiplayer scene focused on very popular western aircraft simulators...

Also, we are united with 51st PVO, Regiment with long history and good reputation, and under one roof. Why? Because 100KIAP was founded by original 51st members/founders and we decide to have Naval and PVO regiment under one roof as one team and have more actions for our Flankers.

We are world wide squadron but mostly Europe and English language is commonly used.

Join Us! Recruitment is open!

We are looking for Su-33 (100KIAP Regiment) and Su-27/J-11 (51st PVO Regiment).

Our training program will prepare you for team actions very quickly.

How to apply?

Please register on our forum and after that fill and submit your application trough this Application Form.

Hang out with us on Discord!


100KIAP_Falcon 12-14-2019 09:28 AM

100 KIAP Regiment looking for Su-33 Flanker pilots.

If you are:
  • Active;
  • Dedicated Flanker pilot;
  • Basic skills or very experienced;
  • You want to learn more;
  • You want to be part of team;
  • Ready for team work;

...Join Us!!!

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