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Gierasimov 05-21-2020 09:36 AM

Only that support email is for asking technical questions if something is not working with the software and not asking developers this or that about product specific features or bugs etc.

Now, If a person wants to ask about how to perform a task in Hornet, manual first, Wags video second, if still unsure, trusted YT tutorial, then ask here if still no joy. In short - learn and research before asking. (don't be lazy, insta-result-seeking ignorant).

But if a person wants to ask, if a Mi-24 module will have retractable gear, it's only ED who can answer that, no community expert will know before ED shows / confirms.

Or if a Hog 2 will have JHMCS for instance. No matter how many experts are within the community, only ED will know that.

Gierasimov 05-21-2020 10:34 AM

This is a perfect example where ED could give a definitive answer to stop experts from evidence exchange and also set expectations


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