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harf4ng 05-19-2018 10:28 PM

Setup the Warthog Throttle for the F86 throttle

Something I wonder in the F86.
For a cold and dark start, we have to hit home key once to put the throttle to off to on position, then home again to put it to idle.

The warthog throttle has an off/on position that works fine for that, except it works just once. Means if I start the sim from the off position in the throttle, I can put it to on but then not to idle. I still have to push the home key at least once. Either first to put it from off to on, then I use the throttle to put it to idle, or I use the throttle once, but then I have to push the home key once to put it to idle.

To stop the engine I do not have the issue, as pushing it to the off position does the same as in the sim.

So do you have a tip to have it work as intended? The only workaround I found is to use the twin lever of the warthog throttle, so I use first the left one, so it puts the engine to on, then the right one, to put it to idle.


BeoWolf_57 06-13-2018 02:21 AM

Are you using TARGET software with your WH?............ if so you can either use the In/Out function on your stick to double up commands with the IDLERON axis commands or your UP/MIDDLE/DOWN position on the throttle to do this, so you can have six different commands with both throttle and stick functions using the Edit Layers buttons. :joystick:
You can also use the axis travel to do the same thing, it might take you a bit to fine tune it, but I use the axis on the stick to control/command tail wheel lock/unlock in BoS for every plane in game just like the FW-190 tail wheel lock works, that way I'm not hitting buttons to do that while I'm trying to concentrate on getting to the runway and back.



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