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SnowTiger 10-24-2019 09:31 PM

HOTAS Issues since Recent Update and HotFix
Today is actually the first time I have flown ANYTHING since the most recent Update and the HotFix that followed it.

Hoping to jump in the Gazelle (M model) and check out the new fixes (sounds and RWR etc), I discovered that my Hotas was All Screwed Up (again).
I'm not sure (or can't now remember) if my Stick/Cyclic was at all affected but my Warthog Throttle Quadrant (aka Collective) is completely mucked up.

I was Unable to Import my previous settings and found that things were missing or changed or backasswards.

Even after MULTIPLE custom adjustments in the Controls editor, either the controls (on the throttle) weren't recognized or would switch to something completely different when in use.
For example, I have always used the same switch to jump between Pilot and CoPilot Seat Positions. I had to reset or reconfigure this switch several times today.

Either it would not work at all OR it would Start Dispensing Flares (which is on a completely separate/independent switch/button). So I'd go back into the Control Settings and reprogram them again. Then I'd fly some more and things wouldn't work or would default back to firing flares instead of switching seats OR while using the Collective, I would be bouncing back and forth between seats.

WTF is up with that ?
Is anyone else having this or similar issues in the Gazelle ?
Are you having this or similar issues in Any Other Module including other model of Gazelles (i.e. L, Mistral, Minigun) ?

swatstar98 10-24-2019 09:58 PM

Hi SnowTiger!

In the last patch PC changed the keybindings, so that's why you had all messed up. I will check about your binding problem but I had not any problems these days.


SnowTiger 10-24-2019 10:46 PM

Thanks for looking into it.
I just tried flying again and experienced some of the same issues.
I also noticed that the Trim doesn't seem to perform as it did. With the Controls Manager ON I can see that the Trim Hat is having an effect on the CM but it's like I touch it a wee bit in either direction (nose up/down) it flies like it's all or nothing (although it doesn't reflect that in the CM).
I'll play with it some more and will try my Throttle (less than a year old) in other Modules before I report any more ... just in case it is my Throttle.

Hawkeye60 10-24-2019 11:05 PM

Hey SnowTiger!

Try this,
Go to your saved games location.
Look in config/input for the Gazelle folder.
Delete the folder.

Please note, this will reset ALL of your control assignments!
However, it should solve the issue.

As a alternative, Notepad++ could be used to edit the saved games input lua file, but one syntax error will break it.
Deleting the folder assures a clean slate.

Now re-assign your controls in sim.

Hope this helps.

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