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joker68 10-24-2018 07:36 PM

Flying level, gun pipper out of hud?
Hi guys, tried to find something related on the forum, but wasn't able to.
When flying level the F-86 module, I need to "duck" inside the cockpit in order to see the gunsight reflected on HUD (I use trackir). This only happens on F-86 module, and no, I'm not talking about the raised seat that F-86 has when you're on the ground/landing. This happens after you took off and the seat already returned to the "normal" position. At first I thought that the pilot's head position was off, but lowering it in order to be able to see the gunsight ended up with the pilot almost ducked on the cockpit (good to see the gunsight, not good for everything else), so this isn't the answer.

Anyone else experimenting such thing?


Lixma 06 10-24-2018 09:24 PM

The normal position for the caged pipper (with default seat-height) is close to the top edge of the HUD glass.


Are you seeing this or is it something different.

joker68 10-24-2018 10:12 PM

Thanks Lixma, that's how I remember seeing it in older versions (prior to 2.5), and it's definitely *not* what I'm seeing now. My head is way up than this. It seems that my default view is all messed up, don't know why. Is there a simple way to restore the game's default head position?

EDIT: tried this, from another thread about restoring default views: "Go to your saved games/DCSXXX/ Config folder and delete the view folder. That will return all cockpit views to default." to no avail.
This is what I see: https://imgur.com/a/wQo3F3V

The pipper is "above" the hud (if I duck using track ir, I can see it)

Lixma 06 10-24-2018 10:43 PM

Yeah, first thing I would try is deleting the Views folder temporarily to nail down the cause but it seems that didn't do the trick.

Did you restart DCS after removing the View folder (letting the game rebuild a fresh one)?

Also I'd try turning off trackir (without letting it auto-start on game launch) to see if maybe your DCS profile is causing the problem - you might have inadvertently have added some value to the Up/Down (Z?) axis or it might have become corrupted.

joker68 10-25-2018 03:05 AM

Yes, restarted DCS, and all without trackir. No dice. Curious enough, DCS didn't create a new View folder...
Dunno what happened.
Also, when I try to adjust manually the pilot's head position, by the time I can see the pipper, I'm almost buried inside the cockpit (looking to the sides, I can barely see over the sidewall).

Starting to think that DCS may have another place where it is looking for the view info, not the saved games/DCS/...etc...

Lixma 06 10-25-2018 05:18 AM


Originally Posted by joker68 (Post 3667509)
Starting to think that DCS may have another place where it is looking for the view info, not the saved games/DCS/...etc...

DCS sometimes, inexplicably (frustratingly), stores the the View folder inside the mission file thereby overriding whatever snap-view settings you would normally use.

If you haven't already, try a freshly created F-86 mission rather than one you've used before.

joker68 10-25-2018 03:54 PM

Thanks Lixma, I tried to create a "fast mission" but the problem is still there.
Will try a bit more to adjust the views in order to find a good compromise, otherwise, maybe a full reinstall. If all else fails, wait for a new update (who knows?) or forget about it entirely. It's a pity, I really like the F86, but it's really hard to play without seeing the pipper. May try some gun mods that I've heard about some time ago, something related to correcting guns being misaligned on the original plane... didn't pay attention that time, perhaps this can save me now.

Lixma 06 10-26-2018 01:35 AM

Can't think of anything else, sorry....except maybe uninstall and reinstall the entire module.

joker68 10-26-2018 07:45 PM

No reason to be sorry, Lixma. I guess I will reinstall and see what happens then. Thanks for your help.

Bun 11-04-2018 08:20 PM

Joker, have you tried turning off Landing Seat Adjustment?

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