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FLANKERATOR 07-01-2018 02:27 AM


Event Sheet:
Module of interest: DCS F/A-18 Hornet
DCS Map: Caucasus
1v1 Main Draw Single Elimination - 16players (8 spots based on SA ranking + 8 spots first come first serve)
Reserve list - unlimited (first come first serve)
Primary Host - SA Server (located in Dubai/UAE - Dwonload/Upload 10Mbps + I7 7700HK + GeForce 1070 + 16Gb DDR4)
Additional Hosts - volunteers who would want to host and live stream some matches on their own channels PM me please
Schedule- july 14th (8 x 1st round matches) july 15th (4 quater finals + 2 semi finals + 1 finale)
Discord address (where participants will meet before their matches) - https://discord.gg/ktbTkDW - Courtesy of A.S
videos/ACMIs of the fights may be uploaded afterwards

*Best of 3 rounds - Finale best of 5 rounds
*Configuration - clean (guns only)
*fuel - 70% - fuel dumping allowed
*map - over sea - airborne start 3000m at 750IAS 50km apart
*Fuel dumping is allowed
* leaving the bubble will result in an automatic loss
* Landing on the carrier after neutralizing your opponent is a must. The carrier will be exactly at the center of the bubble.
* Landing on the carrier is not needed to collect the round if the carrier is damaged by either players to the point where landing becomes impossible
* weather clear and sunny
*Once fight is on, fly towards your opponent, its ok to have a slight aspect and to change speed and altitude but flying away before first merge is forbidden
*Firing before first merge is not allowed
* If the hosting server crashes before a winner is declared, the round will have to be restarted.
*If a client disconnects upon or after the first merge, it will count as a loss. if a client disconnects before the first merge, the round shall be restarted;
*Only one client-side disconnection per participant is eligible for a round restart; any further disconnection will count as a loss regardless of when it happened.
*External views will be off and all settings set to Simulation mode
*Print screening is forbidden
*track files must be submitted if asked for
*Players can swap sides after each round
*Mission file will be published asap for training purposes


Registration for Main Draw is closed now!
Registration for the wait list will remain open until kick off.

*Callsign (please use same one if you already feature on the SA Rankings)
*Nationality (for country rankings)
*Squadron name (for squadron rankings)
*Squadron Website and/or Logo(PNG format preferred)
*Location (city, country) (for latency assessment)
*Timezone in GMT (for match scheduling)
*What DCS branch you have installed? (Release/Open Beta/BOTH)

Mission File

Live Streaming
All the fights will be streamed LIVE on Twitch.tv--->https://www.twitch.tv/flankerator
You can follow the channel and enable auto notifications so you'll get an email as soon it goes live.

Player List, seeding and brackets

FLANKERATOR 07-01-2018 09:59 AM


  • Added Discord information : CSL (Cross Simulation Lobby) run by "A.S" - Address-----> https://discord.gg/ktbTkDW
  • Added DCS branch info to the registration form - as of now, both open beta and release are the same, this may change in the meantime. We will make a call on which version will be used later. It's always better to have both DCS branches installed to avoid any hassle. For those who are tight on disk space, there is a way to switch between branches without having to have 2 separate installs--->https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114030
  • Added new rule--->Landing on the carrier is not needed to collect the round if the carrier is damaged by either players to the point where landing becomes impossible
  • Mission File ------------->http://sa-sim.com/download/hornet-cup-mission-file/
  • Mission File updated------------->http://sa-sim.com/download/hornet-cup-mission-file/

    - F18s Lot 20 selected.
    - Blue Hornet wears VFMA-122 high visibility (Blue vertical stabilizers)
    - Red Hornet wears VMFA-232 high visibility (Red vertical stabilizers)
    - CVN 74 John Stennis selected
  • Added live streaming url--->https://www.twitch.tv/flankerator
    You can follow the channel and enable auto notifications so you'll get an email as soon it goes live.
  • Added the brackets and match schedule.
    All times are in ZULU-----> REFERENCE CLOCK----->https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/zulu
    • DCS Branch--------->Latest version of Open Beta (if OB gets another update in the meantime, please run the update - if you are on Stable version, it is really easy to switch to Open Beta, please refer to Post#2 of this same thread for reference, call in the Command Prompt and navigate to your BIN folder inside your DCS folder before running the Updater)
    • Server name-------->Situational Awareness - SA-SIM.COM
    • password------------>will be given to you on Discord
    • Discord address----->https://discord.gg/ktbTkDW (please use Discord App not the browser-based version and set it to Push-to-Talk)
    • Discord channel----->DCS-HORNET-CUP
    • Please, be on Discord at least 15mn before the start of your match, if you fail to turn up, we will unfortunately have to call in another contestant off the wait list.
    • Please, reboot your computer and router just before tuning up on Discord (unclogs your bandwidth and helps preventing bad connection and drop offs, which may cost you the match)
    • Please turn off Windows Updater or any app that may run automatically in the background while you are flying as it may cause lag/warping. If you are lagging too much in relation to the server, we will have to stop the match and grant your opponent a walk over win.
    • All matches will be live streamed on Twitch.

    Any queries, please PM here.

    Good luck to you all!

JG78_horΛz 07-01-2018 02:59 PM

Callsign: JG78_horΛz
Nationality: German
Squadron: Jagdgeschwader78
Location: Austria

Kapsu 07-01-2018 03:15 PM

Callsign: SF_Kapsu
Nationality: Finnish
Squadron: SF Squadron
Location: Finland
DCS branch: Open Beta

If stable and open beta are on different versions which one we are going to use? My vote goes to OB for latest Hornet goodies.

Also fuel dumping is synced between clients now so if no fuel dumping allowed would be more preferable way now it's possible to do that since we can see if someone is dumping fuel.

Razer223 07-01-2018 03:21 PM

Callsign: SF_Razer
Nationality: Finnish
Squadron: SF Squadron
Location: Finland

Shadow KT 07-01-2018 03:25 PM

Callsign: Shadow
Nationality: Bulgarian
Location: Bulgaria

Decibel dB 07-01-2018 03:49 PM

Callsign: ((dB))
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Qatar
DCS Branch: Both

Weisse13 07-01-2018 05:53 PM

Callsign: JG78_Weisse13
Nationality: German
Squadron: Jagdgeschwader78
Location: Germany

B3rNO 07-01-2018 07:20 PM

Callsign: B3rNO
Nationality: Poland
Location: UK

Stuge 07-02-2018 12:24 AM

104th Phoenix
Helsinki, Finland

All times are GMT. The time now is 06:05 AM.

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