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Linx 09-30-2013 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by adonys (Post 1890229)
no, it wasn't a mistake.

it was the best decision for the future which could be taken considering the sale model they've decided for: a free base game + payments for any other present/future modules.

in order to attract customers, the base module of the game must contain the engine and something flyable for them to test it. the three free aircrafts were one for each major side in the european conflict: germans + british + american, increasing the chances to attract customers via the free base model.

now, probably they could have went for only two airplanes, one for axis and the other for allies, and a spitfire would have been the normal decision for the allies side, as an iconic plane (the other P51 one being already present into DCSW). and that would have left the massive american customers base without an american carrot to drag them in, hence the P47 choice as a 3rd base module free airplane.

including them for free wasn't a bad decision at all, specially considering the long term effect.

removing them and leaving only one has two major problems:
a) as the remaining included airplane will definitely be an allied one (and most probably american), the free players will only join the allied side, creating a huge imbalance in the game.
b) the willingness to remove two from the three base modules free planes shows a bad willingness to ditch long term benefits and actually accept long term base problems in exchange for short term funding, which is at least concerning for me..


This will get RRG a lot of bad reputation, which is especially bad since they have a very capable competition, that has already showed a lot more so far. Plus the whole CloD fiasco...
Well, it's their choice to make in the end and as long as my $40 pledge still gets me all the planes on the release...

ami7b5 09-30-2013 08:55 AM


Originally Posted by grifo (Post 1889983)

One more thought: I Think that focusing about casual gamers is just a waste of time.. They will yet have something arcadish with Battle of Stalingrad and War Thunder!
And don't waste time producing new videos... I know your work is very early stage and you have very little to show us... I don't need nothing to be more confident, just a good project and your Name!

In any case don't let any aircraft for free;)

Best of Luck!

How do you mean this?

Bucic 09-30-2013 08:58 AM

Yeah, the long-term effect being nobody buys anything. And please stop with the '3, one for each country'. Neither WW2 was about 3 countries nor it is a minimum for creating a scenario with opposing forces. 2 is enough and even 1 could be used with an Aggressor skin. If DCS fidelity doesn't convince someone, nothing will.

hegykc 09-30-2013 09:01 AM

Making only 1 airplane free is great! Giving 3 away for 1$ defeats the purpose of hitting the stretch goal entirely.
It doesn't say 3 free planes in the 1$ description of the pledge?

Just change the entire campaign description/goal to 1 free plane. And 40$ gets you 3. The vote here is something like 99% in favor of that.

Bad press?? From whom? The ones that were not planing on paying ever, getting the free planes and dissecting them apart giving more bad press? I can already imagine them with the alpha access. They'll kill you even before you start selling. And for free. This way at least you'll get something from them.

You have nothing to loose here, the only question is how much you will gain.

I would also limit the free airplane to something like no click able cockpit, no 6dof or something like that. Like the Su-25.

Kuky 09-30-2013 09:03 AM

Giving out all aircraft for free IS A MISTAKE. Saying that it isn't (and you haven't pledged) puts you into "want everything for free" category and you shouldn't be commenting on this because that is equivalent to wanting others to pay for you... If you want something.. EARN IT

Bucic 09-30-2013 09:09 AM

The last acceptable solution leaning towards those non-contributing would be to transfer those free flyableas to at least $10 pledge. It can't be that even those lobbing *it at the Kickstarter project get the same as backers. An extreme but true case.

hegykc 09-30-2013 09:10 AM

Pay for all planes. Think about it.

You can bet your ass there will be 10.000 people worldwide buying WWII modules that have WWII environment and ground units to go with.

That's 400.000$ you're giving away with a DCS level module. That money could pay for a B-17, a bigger map, better core features development. And we're in a niche market, if it goes away for free it will never get back.

EDIT: post intended for the "free plane poll", but what the heck...

Boris 09-30-2013 09:15 AM

+1 on one free aircraft only.

The whole reason to have free aircraft at all is as a demo of what the sim can do.

Any more is just overkill and money out the window. Creating aircraft to DCS level of detail takes time and effort, and people will be more than happy to pay good money for extra aircraft.

Even two free aircraft would be too much. If people had a german and an allied aircraft at their disposal, this is months and months of fun without having to spend a dollar.

Not to mention that many people already own the P-51 and all they really need is a theatre to fly in.

I think coming from an IL-2 mindset makes it hard to believe people might be satisfied with only a few aircraft?

SlipBall 09-30-2013 09:15 AM

The whole concept of this WWll with high fidelity, just blows me away. I'm so looking forward to the beta.

Linx 09-30-2013 09:21 AM

Ok, just want to confirm one thing.
Those of us that already pledged $40 are still getting P-47, Spifire, Bf-109, Fw-190 and Mustang?

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