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Alpenwolf 07-08-2019 08:21 PM

Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2

Brought To You By The Cold War Server


And Designed As Part Of A Dynamic Tournament With More Missions To Follow


Saturday the 27th of July, 1830 zulu
Briefing is 30 minutes earlier, 1800 zulu
Hosting Server: Cold War 1947 - 1991
Teamspeak 3 IP: ts50.gameservers.com:9132
Teamspeak 3 password: phoenix

* Currently, there is no official online streaming. However, I'll try and get someone good for the task.


After losing the Stennis, commander L. Bridges felt compelled to resign immediately, leaving behind a fleet with a devastated morale and men with little hope to advance forward in the campaign that has only started two days ago.
Families are weeping over their lost sons...
The world is watching...
The end is nearer than anticipated...
And one man has taking on the impossible task of turning the tide. The new tip of the sword, the young and ambitious commander D. House. A former Navy SEAL. He gathered his crew only seconds after being burdened with the responsibility of regaining superiority and the nation's honour. He came up with yet another risky task, but one that he promised to hit the enemy hard and take him unaware.

He took Anapa airbase!

On the 8th of May at 03:00 am, 4 groups of Navy SEALs penetrated through after being dropped off by low level flying SH-60 Seahawks, 16 miles west of the coast line of Anapa. Operation "Sneaky Bastards" was a huge success! The Navy SEALs have managed to even seize 1 active SAM SA-3 battery, 1 x Shilka unit, destroying 3 others and capturing 2 x ZU-23 emplacements.
4 x F-14B's and 4 x F-18C's were already on their way to Anapa airbase to land after the SEALs have had secured the area. 6 x Chinooks were inbound as well with ammo, fuel and ground crew members to quickly turn the airbase operational for CAP and possible CAS operations before additional reinforcements arrive.

The Red coalition is on fire! The sweet victory on day one didn't last that long. The swift and victorious response by the enemy was a hurtful stab into the heart. General Isakov has now started moblising MiG-29A's, moving them closer to the front line. A pack of 6 x Fulcrums was transferred to Sochi airbase already to reinforce the southern coast line. Only the enemy struck hard at the western front and had General Isakov changing plans.
A group of 12 x T-55 MBT's backed by 4 x BTR-80's stationed at Krymsk airbase were sent quickly due west to put the enemy under pressure, before additional forces land there.

It's a race against time!!! And the clock is ticking...

1- Each Red airbase has multiple AAA's, 1 x SA-8 unit and 1 x SAM SA-3 battery.
2- The only Blue airbase of Anapa has only what was captured during operation "Sneaky Bastards" as anti-air defence.

Available Aircraft:

6 x MiG-29A's (start at Sochi airbase)
10 x MiG-21's (start at Krasnodar-C. airbase)
8 x MiG-28's (start at Novorossiysk airbase)

* Note that the number of the available MiG-21's and MiG-28's might change!

4 x F-14B's (start at Anapa airbase)
4 x F-18C's (start at Anapa airbase)


Red Objective:

We have 12 x T-55 MBT's backed by 4 x BRT-80's on their way to Anapa airbase. The ground force was scrambled from Krymsk earlier through the night after receiving the first alarm calls from our HQ at Anapa, and is currently 25 km east of bulls, Anapa airbase.
Furthermore, intel reports an enemy AWACS plane, type E2, holding a distance of at least 100 km west of Anapa airbase providing the enemy with a constantly updated picture.

1- (Top Priority) Provide cover for our boys advancing on the ground towards Anapa.
2- (Optional) Shoot down the enemy's AWACS.

Blue Objective:

Enemy T-55's and BTR-80's are on their way to Anapa airbase. They're currently somewhere between waypoint-1, bullseye, and Anapa and getting closer every second!
In addition, a friendly AWACS plane, type E2, was flown in after the successful operation during the night of capturing Anapa airbase to provide our men holding the line on enemy territory with a clearer picture.

1- Search & destroy enemy ground units advancing towards our Anapa airbase across the flight path to waypoint-1, bullseye.
2- Keep the enemy away from our AWACS.

Weapons' Restrictions:

All weapons are allowed, except for the nuke bombs, the ER's, the ET's and the R77's. However, there are only 50 pieces of each air-to-air missile type at every airbase. Air-to-ground weapons are limited to 100 pieces each.

Available air-to-air missiles:
AIM-9L: 48 x pieces. 6 for each airplane.
AIM-7M: 32 x pieces. 4 for each airplane.
AIM-54A-MK47: 8 x pieces. 2 for each Tomcat.

* Note that the Blue pilots can agree on whatever weapons configuration for each airplane as they please. The above is only a possible scenario.

Available Air-to-Ground weapons:

AGM-65E: 8 x pieces. 2 for each Hornet.
GBU-12: 16 x pieces. 2 for each airplane.
AGM-88C: 8 x pieces. 2 for each Hornet.
ZUNI-127: 40 x pieces.
LANTIRN Targeting Pod: 4 x pieces. 1 x Tomcat.


- The event lasts for 2 hours.
- Red wins the battle if the ground forces advace towards Anapa and recapture it.

- Destroying the E2 AWACS is optional, not critical for the success of the mission.
- Blue wins by surviving and holding the line for 2 hours. (The time that is needed for reinforcements to arrive)

- ... therefore, Blue must destroy the advancing Red tanks!
- The 104th squadron will be flying the available Blue airplanes.
- Players can either sign up for the MiG-29A, the MiG-21 or the MiG-28.
- Even if all slots are taken, you can sign up for the reserve list so we can surely have 24 MiG's.
- 2 GCI operators are needed for Red. LotATC is not a must, but is preferred.
- Each pilot has 1 life.

- Each player can only sign up himself.
- Sign up using the following format: Alpenwolf - MiG-21.

Alpenwolf 07-08-2019 08:23 PM


1- Lagnad
4- <64>Rage
№15 | Drona
No.15 | Skinner


1- JG-1_Firefly
2- Vietkong
3- JG-1_Britchot
4- Baron von Myakin
5- =LG/Dev=Skyman
7- JG-1_Erhardt
8- JG-1_Razwald
9- ROSS_Protoss
10- [Vodka]LazzySeal


1- F99th-misi
2- <64C>comie1
3- Tricker
4- Art
5- F99th - Vampyre
6- H4V0K
7- =DW=Wizard_VVS
8- Aeons

GCI Operators:

GCI-1: Variable
GCI-2: REAPER 34 | Shady

_Firefly 07-08-2019 08:28 PM

JG-1_Firefly - MiG-21.

OPRHeadspace 07-08-2019 11:50 PM

Very cool! I'll be driving the weekend of the 27'th. Ill keep an eye out if the date changes.

Ravenus 07-09-2019 12:08 AM

Callsign Vietkong - Mig 21

Britchot 07-09-2019 02:35 AM

JG-1_Britchot - MiG-21

Baron von Myakin 07-09-2019 04:57 AM

Baron von Myakin - Mig-21bis

=LG/Dev=Skyman 07-09-2019 05:16 AM

=LG/Dev=Skyman - Mig21

Reserve Mig29

Wysłane z mojego MI MAX 3 przy użyciu Tapatalka

Alpenwolf 07-09-2019 08:25 AM

Just like in round 1 the slots for the MiG-21's were quickly booked. I could increase the number of those if more pilots want to fly the Fishbed, so no worries.

ROSS_Pups 07-09-2019 01:01 PM


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