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  1. Mufasa
    07-22-2020 08:50 PM
    Thank you for reaching out to me. First your video's are amazing. very understanding I just have issues trying to get it to work on my DCS mission editor after I follow your steps to a TEE. I was able to download software where I can covert text to voice and make .OGG files to add to my missions. there is something, as a US Navy veteran aboard an aircraft carrier there are so many things I know that I wished I could do to make DCS so realistic and it would blow people's minds but don't know how to get the sounds right. or where to go. I'm not very computer literate. My last request is the mod for the moving pilots. Where could I download it? Would it work on the Supercarrier? My nickname is Monty or you may refer to my screen name Mufasa.
  2. Sprool
    07-03-2020 02:02 PM
    Suntsag - thanks for the excellent mission editor series, taught me a lot! I have a specific question about ai helo's, hope you can steer me in the right direction. I have a bunch of blue and red Hueys flying around in aerial gunfight, mostly ai but some clients too. When one side is destroyed I want the victors to land, but not before the others are all shot down. Is there a way to put a condition factor on the landing instruction?
    Many thanks!
  3. tmansteve
    06-24-2019 04:08 PM
    Hi Suntsag,

    I watched your video on Snap Views but am a little confused about the keybinds in Voiceattack. The way I see it is, Lwin+Num you want for the view, then Ralt+0 to save it. So whatever keybinds I place in Voiceattack, it still doesn't hold the view. Any help would be fantastic.

    Update: Think I have worked it out. Forgot to go into snap view mode then number. So if I add that to voiceattack, it should work, yes?


  4. philstyle
    06-24-2019 06:27 AM
    wow... interesting news.
    TBH, I don't know why ED aren't embracing these ideas themselves.
  5. 352ndDeacon
    10-24-2018 01:54 PM
    I want to personally thank you for creating your mods. You have added so much to this sim, way beyond what the developers imagined or cared about. You have personally taken a very limited situation and have created unlimited possibilities for future missions all through your hard work and dedication to the community. Thanks again in behalf of the 352ndvfg.
  6. ex81
    10-05-2018 12:22 PM
    Hello Suntsag,
    I have some difficulties with your Troops Water Placement Mod.
    Running the 2.5.x OB, I don`t know where to put the unziped folder.
    Since 2.5 OB I norrmally put mods into my saved games folder. Is it nessecary to use OVGME ?
    Please help me finish the installation.
  7. Hknine9
    07-03-2018 12:02 AM
    Hello Suntsag,

    I was wandering if you would share your x55 profile for the Gazelle. I saw it on tour youtube channel and it looks like it would work great for me as well. Thanks again for any help you're able to provide.
  8. Pineapple Pete
    07-01-2017 06:25 PM
    Pineapple Pete
    HI Suntsag,
    I am taking the liberty to PM you. I hope that is okay. I commented on your youtube video about creating snap views by pausing TIR.
    I still cannot get it to work so may I just clarify an item of two with you?
    I got the TIR pause function to work within the game. After pausing and then creating the view I wanted. I selected left Win and number on the num pad I wanted to associate with that view (A-10C left MFCD), in this case Num Pad 4. I then selected R Alt + 0. I unpaused and then selected 4 with no results.
    I really want this to work for the A-10 and the Mirage.
    Low priority but if you can offer some guidance I would be very thankful.
    I apologize for misspelling your user name. I use raynmanfortysix on YouTube. New subscriber also. Steve
  9. Cibit
    10-15-2016 08:48 AM
    Hi Sunstag someone from the 333rd came onto our TS on Thursday and sent a poke to me. I only saw it momentarily as i was already quiting the app. Was it you?
  10. 00Donkey
    10-04-2016 11:34 PM
    Heya Suntsag!

    I just stumbled onto your Videos and subscribed to your videos,
    So i noticed in one of your videos you mention that you're using the X-55, which is also what i use, and i thought i'd check to see if you might be able to help, as i'm having an Issue where i failed snapview setup and it has somehow Defaulted my in-cockpit view in almost every aircraft to being defaulted as being zoomed in at about +10% zoom!
    It goes thru usual DCS loading where the camera slowly zooms out until it gets into its default-spot, but instead what it does now, is when i start to throttle up the engines, my view jumps forward to being +10%! And so, that now becomes the new default view distance, EVEN when pushing track-i.r.'s Recenter button! wondering if u got any ideas?


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