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Русскоязычная группа взаимопомощи по скриптам LUA в DCS.
9 6 16 0
05:57 AM
37 5 23 0
First Hellenic LockOn community. http://lockon-greece.forumotion.net/
24 5 6 4
06:23 PM
"Мы на петле вычерчивая строем Местами Землю с Небом поменяем..."
53 5 86 125
04:28 PM
Founded 19-Dec-2018, 100KIAP is the first operational DCS Su-33 module exclusive multiplayer organization with prior decade long history in DCS Su-27 regiment ; 100KIAP: 100th Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment ; 100КИАП: 100-й Корабельный Истребительный Авиационный Полк ; Commanding Officer: [100☭] Breakshot ; Admin: [100☭] Shamansky ; Homepage: https://100kiap.org ;
8 4 9 5
08:06 PM
The 314th Mixed Aviation Division is a group of English speaking "pilots" who share an appreciation for Russian designed combat aircraft. Our primary love is for the Su-25 & Su-25T, although we also support the Su-33, Su-27, MiG-29, Ka-50, and Mi-8. We tend to favor complex "integrated operations" missions, where multiple kinds of aircraft to take the air, fulfilling different roles in a battlefield situation. We welcome pilots of all experience level, and are experienced at helping out new pilots; We all remember being new at one point, and the new pilot we train today may be the wingman who saves our virtual life some day. Most of our members are North American & thus we tend to operate evenings EDT/GMT-5, but we are open to anyone, anywhere.
13 4 8 10
10:38 PM
Forum d'entre-aide et escadrille virtuelle francophone йvoluant sur Flaming Cliffs 2 et sur DCS BS. Beaucoup de Mod, Addon et patch sont а tйlйcharger sur le site ainsi que des docs et tuto en tous genre. La "SF" est une escadrille ouverte composй de 5 escadrons : - 31th Argonne (F15) - 16th Oranie (su-27 et Mig-29) - 91th Gascogne (su-25, su-25T, A-10) - 124th Sioux ( su-33)
3 4 5 0
06:46 PM
Свободный поток мыслей. (в рамках правил форума)
14 4 25 0
07:49 AM
Group of aviation enthusiasts and real world pilots. If you have any questions or would like someone to fly with, all are welcome. Our goal is to bring real world concepts to the virtual world and to encourage the interest in military aviation. Find us on Discord. https://discord.gg/eVtu42R
27 3 16 3
03:47 AM
Группа создана для любителей полетов в сети с выполнением совместных задач.
24 3 29 0
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