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"Мы на петле вычерчивая строем Местами Землю с Небом поменяем..."
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04:28 PM
This is a group with the purpose to unite danish (scandinavien) speaking players.
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01:38 PM
We fly the Blackshark 2 KA-50 and Warthog A10C, and now have installed DCS World as a simulation operating system. We use LAN/Internet for our server, Tactical Aviation Radio System. TARS plugin for Teamspeak3 for our communications. We normally fly under our own nationality, United Kingdom and United States of America. But any nationality is most welcome. All new pilots, can precipitate in our daily mission nights. We operate on Mondays, Wednsday and Fridays nights. And have a varied Operational missions. We are currently based at Nellis AFB, and use the Nevada training ranges, with JTAC Teams using CAS 9 line cards. We also have positions for, FC3/DCS. Combined Arms, for GROUND FORCE CMD/JTAC/OBSERVER and currently looking for, ATC/AWACS, and A10/Rotary pilots. If you think, you can cover any of the above criteria, please feel to contact us.
16 8 17 60
05:12 PM
161 Squadron is an Australian / New Zealand group that plays DCS in the AEF Clan. We are a relaxed and diverse group of mature DCS flight sim enthusiasts. Our team skill level extends from beginners to the flight sim genre, to the veteran DCS combat simulator pilots. Our focus as a team is to get everyone flying to the same level over time, and everybody involved is constantly learning new things about the game. The secret to our success is to keep things casual with a beer in hand, yet using the small hours we have to create realistic immersion to gaming online. We understand that inside every new DCS trainee puke is an awesome death-dealing combat pilot trying to get out. It takes a little time, patience and guidance to make that happen and you can find all that in the 161 SQN. We play on Tuesdays and Sundays in the DCS Community Teamspeak Channels, with around 10 pilots attending most sessions with 25+ on the roster. Contact info is posted below.
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11:06 AM
Мы летаем в симуляторах, созданных компанией Eagle Dynamics (DCS: World, LockOn, A-10C Warthog, Black Shark 1&2). Наш форум находится по адресу: http://aviaraf.ru/forum/ TS 3 =RAF= находится по адресу: teamspeak3.aviaraf.ru (порт по-умолчанию) Страница Вконтакте: http://vk.com/public52481538
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10:31 PM
11 1 17 23
07:58 AM
Virtual Hungarian Air Force https://www.facebook.com/groups/dcsworldhungarianusers/
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04:58 PM
English Speaking UK Based Netwide membership limited to 18 active pilots. Formed in 1998. FLYING TOGETHER for mutual Support and training. Our Squadron fly and operate All DCS simulations, flying informaly most nights and official training for members is every TUESDAY night. WEBPAGE http://www.shreksquadron.org/ TEAMSPEAK (main)IP Teamspeak (backup) IP
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Клуб Весёлых Пилотов" объединяет любителей и энтузиастов авиации, как реальной, так и виртуальной. Наиболее развита и интересна как раз виртуальная часть клуба, поскольку реальные полёты на реальных самолётах достаточно дорогостоящее удовольствие, которое не каждый может себе позволить.
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Welcome to CADelta. Hangout for =CAD= Members. We are a Danish Squadron, with a few English only speaking Pilots and we are mostly flying the A-10 in DCS A-10C Warthog. Naturally we solely fly Multiplayer Sessions and our server name always starts with: CADelta. Feel free to join our server, when you see it (it's mostly without password).
9 11 35 16
11:29 AM
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