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Beta Testing Team Membership

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    Beta Testing Team Membership

    To address the regular e-mails I get about what it takes to be invited to join our beta testing team, here are the basic items I look for:

    1- Good communication skills. Demonstrated ability to string a few sentences together in English that is perfectly understandable.

    2- Subject matter knowledge. Ideally we like to look for "real world" operators, but we also look for testers that have a good understanding of modern warfare technology, tactics, and weapon systems. They should also be well versed in PC flight simulations.

    3- Testers wanted, not wish list contributors. We do not want testers that primarily joins the test team as a way to advance their game content desires. While we have a separate content "wish list" for testers, software testing should be the only reason to join our test team.

    4- Proven ability to work well with others. This is mostly based on how they behave on the forums. This is particularly true for forum rule 1.10.

    "1.10. - Product feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged when provided in a mature and courteous manner. However, feedback that is abusive, insulting or condescending is not welcome. Additionally, to bring up a particular issue repeatedly after it has already been acknowledged will be considered "trolling" - in such cases a warning will be issued to the author and the post will be removed."

    It seems many people get this or they don't based on their personality types.

    5- No dead weight. We expect our testers to be committed to testing, even when it stops being fun. We are not looking for testers that just want an advance look at the software.

    6- Community assets. Community members that bring a particular skill like outstanding mission building or art generation are sometimes invited to join the team.

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    Hi all

    thank you for your recent interest in beta team membership, we have had a massive response and are processing applications.

    Beta team applications are now closed.

    thank you

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